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Total Defeat

Luo Guixing stared at Gu Yue in shock. “Y-you can control space?”

Gu Yue calmly met his gaze. “If you can do it, why can’t I?”

“Be careful,” Wu Siduo warned as she turned to take on Wu Zhangkong. She roared into the sky and shot forward, her enormous tiger form becoming transparent.

Frost Song Moons filled the sky. In the face of Wu Siduo’s charge, Wu Zhangkong only raised his right hand to grasp the enormous Frost Song greatsword. He pointed it toward the heavens, sweeping an icy gaze over his four opponents.

Instead of attacking with his sword, he t----t his other hand at the incoming Wu Siduo. His second soul ring lit up, and a white mist burst out of his palm, swallowing the Hell White Tiger up in an instant. Then, he used Frost Song and slashed at the other three with dozens of Frost Scars.

Tang Wulin walked in front of Luo Guixing, a cool calm settling on his face. Even though he was facing Wu Zhangkong, he wasn’t flustered at all. His soul rings appeared and lit up, and with him at the center of it all, his surroundings started turning translucent. Bluesilver grass swarmed out of the ground, clambering up to form a giant net around him, Luo Guixing, and Gu Yue.

The tightly-woven net of vine-like grass did manage to resist the onslaught of Frost Scars, buying the three of them time, but vines soon began to shatter one after another.

Tang Wulin willed spears of bluesilver grass to erupt from the ground, sending debris flying everywhere. The spears reinforced the net, acting as a secondary defense against the Frost Scars. With their arrival, the rate at which the Frost Scars tore through his defenses immediately slowed down.

“Spin!” shouted Gu Yue. With a wave of her hands, her three soul rings lit up one by one, conjuring a giant green tornado around her and Tang Wulin. The tornado s----d in the surrounding debris and expanded, quickly turning into a sandstorm similar to the one she used against Wu Siduo the other day.

Luo Guixing, however, hadn’t been in the eye of the tornado. It sent Luo Guixing stumbling out of its chaos.However, a vine shot out, wrapped around his waist, then pulled him back to Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

Gu Yue glared at Tang Wulin. “You’re too kind-hearted. Don’t you see that he’s targeting you?”

Tang Wulin could only give her a meek smile while Luo Guixing’s expression darkened.

However, shock soon spread across both their faces.

Right before their eyes, Gu Yue stepped forward. She wore a grave expression, her three soul rings twinkling as waves of power rampaged around her.

Her hands danced like butterflies, orbs of light continuously popping into existence and dancing in the winds of the tornado. The tornado started out with a green hue, but Gu Yue added icicles to it as it grew larger, mixing with the loose earth to give it a tinge of blue. With the addition of the icicles, the three of them could clearly feel the chilling suppression of Wu Zhangkong’s Skyfrost Sword decrease.

Luo Guixing stared blankly at the scene before him. It still isn’t over?

Gu Yue’s hands now took on a silver hue as she shot silver lights into the tornado, giving it a hint of darkness.

Luo Guixing was at a loss for words. She can control four elements? How can this be?

Gu Yue wielded fire, earth, ice, and space. But that wasn’t all. She could even fuse them together. Combining two elements created a tornado at the peak of the three-ring level. Three elements allowed it to reach the level of four rings. Fusing four elements allowed it to rival the might of Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger. However, this was not the end of the quad-element tornado.

At this point, a tinge of gray tainted the tornado’s original green hue. It howled with deathly stillness.

A Frost Scar flew into the tornado but was instantly ground to powder. Another flew in right afterward, but the result was exactly the same.

Shen Yi had shut off the screens for the final battle. There were some things she couldn’t let everyone see after all. This meant that Luo Guixing hadn’t seen Gu Yue’s final showdown against Wu Siduo during the competition for the position of class president, so he was completely unaware of how strong she was. It wasn’t the sort of thing Wu Siduo would mention either.

As a result, this was Luo Guixing’s first time witnessing Gu Yue’s strength.

Luo Guixing hadn’t accepted Tang Wulin becoming the class president. In his view, Tang Wulin’s control ability and strength were decent, but nowhere near the peak of power. He thought Tang Wulin had won due to his schemes and luck. In fact, he was confident that he could completely restrain and dominate Tang Wulin in a one-on-one battle.Yet, upon witnessing today’s display of the terrifying might of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, his opinion changed. Although the Dreadclaw couldn’t compare to Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger, it didn’t need time to prepare like a soul fusion skill and could instantly explode with deadly power. Moreover, now that he gained his third soul ring, Tang Wulin’s aura was far more overwhelming than before.

However, none of that could match Gu Yue’s quad-element tornado. The fact that she could wield four elements to create a fusion attack in the middle of battle proved that she possessed spiritual power in the Spirit Sea realm at the very least. Even as a ranker, Luo Guixing felt lacking before her.

So she’s the strongest person in our class! But… she yielded the class president position to Tang Wulin. Does that mean there’s still something more to him?

Countless questions popped into Luo Guixing’s head.

As the tornado raged on, the Frost Mist covering the area outside of it receded. The Hell White Tiger was nowhere to be seen, and only a motionless Wu Siduo stood in its place. Her entire body sparkled in the light, frozen solid.

Wu Zhangkong withdrew the Frost Song Moons filling the sky. Then his third soul ring lit up, indicating that the time for his Skyfrost Slash had arrived.He didn’t move a single step forward. Instead, he simply commanded his giant Frost Song greatsword to slash downward. A ten-meter-long sword light shot out, traveling fifty meters to slice the tornado apart, instantly dispelling it. Not even a quad-element fusion attack could withstand the might of the Skyfrost Slash enhanced by Frost Song. Furthermore, the collision of soul skills only slowed the sword light down, causing it to just dim slightly.

The tornado was destroyed in an instant.

By the time Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, and Luo Guoxing could be seen, Wu Zhangkong had already sheathed his sword.

“Fools.” He stared at them with icy eyes.

The word resounded with truth. The battle had ended, and Tang Wulin’s group had lost. Without Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger, and considering how exhausted the rest of them were, if Wu Zhangkong had pressed the attack, they would have been defeated in an instant.

This single word of criticism made the three feel ashamed. All of them understood what he meant. They only coordinated with each other properly at the beginning of the battle. However, they fell apart shortly after Luo Guixing teleported Wu Siduo out of danger and Gu Yue did the same for Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s teamwork was nowhere near perfect, especially when the reluctant Luo Guixing was added to the mix. Their coordination had self-destructed in a splendid fashion.

The four of them combined couldn’t stand on equal footing with Wu Zhangkong, let alone when their teamwork was in shambles.

Wu Zhangkong slammed one of his palms against Wu Siduo’s body, dispelling the frost that covered her and jolting her awake. Although she had been completely frozen moments before, not even the slightest shiver could be seen in her now thawed body.

The four of them hung their heads as they descended from the stage.

Shen Yi didn’t contribute any words of criticism and simply ordered the next group to go up.

Wu Siduo looked from Tang Wulin to Luo Guixing. She then snorted and walked away, wearing an ugly expression as she looked for somewhere to sit.

Tang Wulin sighed. “This was my fault. I underestimated Teacher Wu. Now that he has seven rings, he’s at least two times stronger than before. I also didn’t properly coordinate with everyone either.”

Luo Guixing didn’t respond. He just walked away silently, searching for a place to sit as well.

“Are you the team leader?” Gu Yue glared at Tang Wulin. “No, you’re not, so why are you taking all the blame? He’s the one who made a plan for the team, but you don’t hear him saying anything.”

Hearing this, Luo Guixing turned to look at Gu Yue, anger flashing in his eyes, but Gu Yue ignored him.

Tang Wulin knitted his brow. It was impossible to become a battle armor master alone. To do that, he needed everyone’s wholehearted cooperation.

Things definitely weren’t happening as he had hoped they would.

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