The 99Th Divorce - S01 E65

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Tang Mengqing was rendered speechless and realized that she had misspoken. She suddenly became incredibly pale. As a teenager, no matter how fierce her mother and sister were, she was still immature. Against Su Qianci, Tang Mengqing had lost completely.

Hearing Li Weiya's words, Tang Mengqing quickly explained, "How is that possible? Do not listen to her, Li Weiya. I am not..."

However, as young as Li Weiya was, she was not dumb. Tang Mengqing had acknowledged already. Her explanation was not trustworthy at all. Looking at her best friend's incredulous look, Tang Mengqing felt too ashamed to stay there. She gave a fierce stare at Su Qianci and ran away with tears in her eyes.

Looking at Su Qianci apologetically, Li Weiya quickly went after Tang Mengqing.

"Hey, you haven't paid," The owner of the barbecue stand quickly shouted.

"We will pay together. Here," Lu Yihan said and quickly picked up the check.

"I'll give you a ride. It is late now."

"It's okay, I can take a taxi."

"It's all right. We are in the same direction."

Su Qianci checked the time and found it was about 9 o'clock. It was not too late. However, it was not easy to find a taxi at this location. Su Qianci thought about it and nodded. "Okay, thank you."

Lu Yihan smiled and opened the door for Su Qianci like a gentleman. However, before Su Qianci went inside, she heard horns honking. Su Qianci looked over and saw Li Sicheng's black Maybach. Quiet but fierce. Yang lowered the window and said, "Madam, sir asked me to drive you back."

Su Qianci frowned slightly and said, "He sent you here?"

Hearing the confirmation, Su Qianci felt even more weird. Since when did Li Sicheng start to care for her? If it were in her previous lifetime, Li Sicheng would have wished her death sooner. He had never cared about where she was, let alone sending someone for her. In this lifetime, too many things had changed. Su Qianci did not refuse, but looked at Lu Yihan apologetically. "Just go back. I will let Yang take me."

"Okay." Lu Yihan was a bit worried, thinking of the rumor about Li Sicheng being a tyrant. "You are sure everything's okay?"

He was afraid that this meeting would bring Su Qianci unnecessary trouble. After all, the girl of the Tang family was trying to slander them. Combined with the call, it was worrying.

"It's fine." Su Qianci gave him a reassuring smile. "It is just a convenient marriage between us. He never cared about me."

Hearing that, Lu Yihan felt relieved. "Great. Take care."

Su Qianci nodded and opened the door in the back. However, the minute the door was opened, she was taken aback. In the dim light, there was a tall figure sitting in the back, looking arrogant. His eyes were narrowed as he leaned back on the leather seat.


Su Qianci stepped back vigilantly, but he suddenly pulled her close…

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