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Whose Child Are You Bearing

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Tang Mengqing was the sister of Tang Mengying.

Since Su Qianci did not hang up, Li Sicheng could clearly hear Tang Mengqing's words. The temperature in the study immediately dropped. No man could accept such betrayal from his wife, let alone someone like Li Sicheng.

Since they were married, he had maintained distance from Tang Mengying in order to protect his marriage. Although he did it to satisfy his grandfather, it still showed his sincerity. However, he had no idea that this woman would date another guy in public. After hanging up, Li Sicheng called his chauffeur, "Go to Kingstown First High School and drive my wife back."

Yang had just had a shower and was ready to go to bed with his wife. When they were making out, Yang suddenly got this call, which drowned his passion.

"Yes, sir!"

Looking at the girl in front of her, Su Qianci couldn't help smiling. Tang Mengqing was puzzled and felt a bit eerie. She looked at Su Qianci and stuttered, "Why… Why are you smiling?"

"Does everyone in the Tang family enjoy sticking their noses in other people's business? What a unique culture." Although Tang Mengqing was just seventeen, she was not dumb at all. Su Qianci was clearly saying that their family had terrible education.

Trembling, Tang Mengqing bristled. "Su Qianci, it seems that you are the one who is cheating on your husband."

"Cheating?" Su Qianci raised an eyebrow. "Do you know what cheating means?"

Su Qianci's voice was incredibly low, sounding dangerous. It felt… exactly like Li Sicheng. Tang Mengqing was scared and stepped back. It was not because how terrifying Su Qianci looked, but because she was a much stronger woman than the seventeen-year-old girl. Tang Mengqing lost her voice, standing there quietly.

Su Qianci glanced at her stomach and ridiculed, "What you did is called cheating. Don't you need to do an amniocentesis to find out whose child you are bearing?"

Tang Mengqing was dumbstruck, as if she was struck by thunder. How… How did Su Qianci find out! She did not even tell her best friend Li Weiya one word. The only person she had told was his sister. And Tang Mengying had agreed to take her to do an abortion the next day. Did Tang Mengying tell her this?

Tang Mengqing became pale. Hearing how certain Su Qianci was, Tang Mengqing lost all her confidence and rebutted, "What are you talking about? Whose child could it be other than…"

"So, you really are pregnant?" Li Weiya covered her mouth incredulously.

Lu Yihan had been quiet the whole time. Hearing that, he smiled. "Girls nowadays are really open-minded. Does your family know about this?"

Whether her family knew, Lu Yihan had no idea. However, he could guarantee that the reputation of this girl be ruined tonight. Su Qianci did not lower her voice, so the students eating barbecue had been looking at Tang Mengqing differently already.

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