Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E22

1 month ago

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Emeka take a look at me,am I

getting young?I cant just sit and wait

for a fellow withness to marry

me,women dont have much time before they reach menopause.”

i was flabbergasted ”are you trying to

tell me that this guy…stanley is not a

withness?”I queried.

”he is not,Emeka but I love him and

am not afraid of what our parents may say”

”chioma listen..runing away is not the

issue,what if this guy dumps you,who

will you turn to?”

”stanley wouldnt dump me,we love

each other and our love is pure”she replied.

Her words stunned me,I stood staring

at her,speechless.

”see Emeka am fed up of all this

withness thing.Even napoleon said-to

rebel is just,rebellion is justified”she remarked cooly

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