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I grudgingly went to the door ready to turn them back when I discovered who was at the door.

Tony was at the door. I flew into his hands. Memories started flooding my heart.

Tony was my ex in the university, a very naughty boy. We did a lot of naughty things together. We were very close and almost had sex. He has a very jovial personality.

I was tired of hosting members for my husband, now I have a visitor. Oh no, not my turn.

“My Joyous” Tony called me. (That is the nickname he gave me in school).

I just moved into the next compound, for some days now, I have been telling myself that the sexy, fine babe opposite my house is My Joyous. So, I decided to check it out myself; he said.

He caught me unawares by holding my hands and spinning me round…. Oh boy, this lady is looking younger and sexier; he exclaimed.

My head was swelling, this is what I missed, a friend who is my number one fan. Tony can hype you till your head bursts. Just seeing him now made my tiredness disappear.

I asked him; where is your house and how are your wife and children?

He pointed to the house opposite ours, he said; I am divorced, we were married for five years but it didn’t work out. I have a four-year-old child. My Joyous, how about you. I have seen your husband but where are your children? He asked.

We are all fine, I replied.

Please give me your number so we can chat, can I visit you later? He asked.

I gave him my number and went back inside the house.

My husband was still busy counselling, he didn’t even know I was out for a while. I was tired and I retired to the room.

I couldn’t sleep, my thoughts were with Tony. I smiled as I remembered all the fun we had.

When we used to cook together and smear ourselves with the ingredients. How we used to tickle one another everywhere, he used to back me and roll me around. It was mad fun.

I didn’t know my husband had finished with counselling. He was staring at my smiling face.

What are you thinking of? He asked.

I was startled…

I know, I know, you are wondering how everything changed from being a disgrace to being a preacher. I don’t know too. He said smiling at me.

I nodded as if that was what I was actually thinking, how do I tell him that I was thinking of my ex…

My husband went to his corner of the room and started praying again.

Haha, don’t I need attention too.

I tried to read the bible, I was distracted, I went online but couldn’t find anything very interesting.

I went to my messaging app and discovered that Tony had sent me a message. I ignored it.

I decided to have my bath, eat and sleep. My husband was still praying vigorously.

Hmmmm, after all these prayers he won’t have my time. I am beginning to feel lonely.

I picked up my phone, I had eight messages from Tony. I really wanted to chat him up but I was feeling a pang of guilt.

Well, I’m not cheating on my husband; I am just chatting with an old friend; I told myself.

I read all he had wrote, he brought back sweet memories…..

Tony: Hi my Joyous

Tony: Can we chat now?

Tony: Since we spoke, I can’t think of anything else but you.

Tony: If I had known you will be this sexy, I won’t have left you.

Tony: Do you still have that birth mark on your breast, the one I love touching.

Tony: No other lady could play rough like we used to do.

Tony: We were one item. Do you remember we used to think alike?

Tony: I missed those days.

I replied by saying,

Me: I missed it too, please don’t make me remember ooo

And that was how we chatted for hours.

As soon as my husband finished praying, he also picked his phone to pray with those who had called him.

He also went to his laptop to look for jobs and send his CV for placements. He was in his world; I was in my world.

My chats with Tony was getting deeper and mightier. I had to password my phone so that my husband won’t by chance see the phone.

I was not actually cheating. I was just catching on, on my past.

Days later my husband tried to initiate sex, but I was not interested and I didn’t know why.

His touch was somehow repulsive to me. I am not loving him less but I don’t want to have any sexual contacts with him.

I advised him to fast so that he would stop demanding for sex.

One week later, Tony told me that he had a boil on his thigh and he wanted me to help him to find solutions.

I asked him to send the picture so I can diagnose it for him, he sent me an almost nude picture because the boil was very close to his manhood coolval stories .

I felt very excited by the picture. My hands were shaking. He said he wanted to send more pictures because we are friends and can share any information with one another.

I dropped my phone on the bed to ease myself because I have not been feeling fine. I have been vomiting for days with early morning nausea.

I was giggling like a primary school girl in the toilet. Waiting for more raunchy pictures.

As I came out of the toilet, I met my husband, with my phone, staring as if he saw a pregnant ghost.

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