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Sister Beatrice came towards me and knelt before me. She said;

I have studied the lessons on forgiveness on the Bible but I didn’t understand. Today, I have seen the true meaning of being a Christian and forgiving others.

I am not worthy to be a Christian because I am yet to forgive my husband for calling me a fat woman. Mummy Joy, pray for me please…..

Wasn’t I the sister Joy this morning? Now I am being called mummy, wow!

Other members of the church started coming towards me, and as they got closer, they fell upon their kneels, crying for forgiveness from God.

One, two, five, ten, more, more….. all on their kneels around me. Calling out the names of people they have not forgiven in their heart.

Haaaa what name do I call this, forgiveness crusade?

Before I could control the situation, my husband was out of hands, he started to prophecy to people.

He was mentioning names of those they are yet to forgive and the problems unforgiveness had brought into their lives.

Surprisingly, majority of the married members of the church were holding one grudge or the other against their spouses.

Uncle B, a partially blind senior citizen in our church was passing by when my husband faced him to tell him that he is yet to forgive his dead wife for dying early. The man went on his kneels to forgive her and his eyesight became very clear.

Big mummy had a partial stroke last year, she always comes to church in a wheel chair. My husband faced her and told her that the demon of unforgiveness is what bounds her to the chair. He said to her;

You caught your husband in a compromising situation fourteen years ago. Your refusal to forgive gave the devil the power to finally bind you last year. Forgive and be set free.

As soon as mummy finished praying, my husband held her hands and pulled her up, she started walking.


I have been living with a prophet and an anointed man but I didn’t know. Sin had killed the power in my husband before now.

I remembered that my husband deliverance started after I totally forgave him too.

Pastor and his wife came out of the church office to see what was happening…

Those on the streets and houses close to the church started running to the church.

We had to move everyone back into the church and start another service. This time Pastor didn’t preach.

He invited my husband to anchor this new service. The choir couldn’t sing, they were crying to God for forgiveness. I did the singing.


The stone that the builders rejected had become the corner stone.

After the multitudes of signs and wonders, Pastor told the church that he was led of God to ordain my husband and I.

Ahhhhh, I don’t want ooo.

How are they sure that the power of God is now permanently on my husband’s life?

Maybe God just borrowed him today oooo

This people don’t know my husband ooo

Hmmmm, do I sound like an unforgiving person?oh God forgive me.

From that day things changed.


Our house became a bee hive of activities. Someone is always around to see my husband.

The excitement was over, the stress is now telling on me.

My husband doesn’t have my time. He is either reading the bible or praying for someone or counselling.

I was left out because I don’t want to look like an intruder in another people’s discussion.

Finances was getting very slim. My husband refused to collect money from people.

Today, we have had over six visitors and I was already tired when I heard the knock on the door.

I grudgingly went to the door ready to turn them back when I discovered who was at the door

Oh no, not my own turn now

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