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My husband stated clearly the things he saw while he was dead in the kitchen. Below are his words:

I left my body and I could see you screaming and praying. But I was feeling very light.

A beam of light s----d me up at very high speed. I was before a golden gate. A book opened before me and I could not find my name.

Automatically, I was moved to another black gate. The queue was so long but the men at the gate were so fast. Soon it was my turn.

I saw my name in the book of hell. Opposite my name were two charges against me written boldly.



No time to defend myself. I was s----d into this wicked offensive smelling hole. We were so much, it’s as if all the whole earth were there. It was jam packed with so much agony…

By the time the first whip landed on me, it was like being beaten with a wire having 1000 pins. Yet I couldn’t run fast enough to get away, I couldn’t see my tormentor.

I saw Pastor Gbebe, he was also there. I ran to him, surprised to see him in hell.

On his neck was his offense: DIDN’T LOVE HIS WIFE AS HIMSELF…

Pastor!!! I screamed, but you and mummy do wear same material every Sunday. You always praise yourselves on the altar…. Why!!!!

He replied me, shouting, I was not considerate to my wife, I treated her like nothing at home, we have only perfected the act of acting nice before others.

Before I could reply him, I got another whip from that very painful cane. I fled to another side.

I saw many people who had various accusations on their necks, many are in hell because of wrong things they did in marriage.


• Emotional relationship with opposite sex.

• Disobedience: Un-submissive wife.

• Hatred of in-laws.

• Abuse of children.

• Breaking marital vow.

I had just started realizing that I am spending my eternity in this horror when Jesus passed by.

He was a very handsome light. Purer that white, brighter than the sun. Blood was still on his hands and legs.

He called my name: The voice sounded like ocean, like thunder and at the same time like a mother’s soothing voice.

A force dragged me to him. I could feel his love; it was so much. My legs were like rubber, I lied flat before the Lord.

He told me: I will be merciful to whoever I choose. Out of the millions that died this month, I have selected you for mercy.

Before I could reply, another force carried me into a golden garden. I saw Abraham, Elijah and Paul. I don’t know how I recognized them but in heaven you tend to know everyone.

Paul was the only one who spoke to me. He said; Haven’t I warned that if you are not ready, don’t get married? If you cannot obey biblical injunctions as regards marriage, don’t get married. I tried to warn you all that if not well managed, marriage can lead many to hell.

Before I replied him again, another force carried me and returned me to the earth. I was about to be placed back into my body when Jesus appeared again. He told me that “Tell Joy, she must share her story for the healing of many homes of Christians”.

That’s when I woke up. I promise to be a better husband from now on.


The next one month was very difficult financially, he was applying for jobs but not successful.

We were just learning afresh how to treat each other right.

With the teaching of Pastor’s wife, I knelt to serve my husband in the bedroom.

I praise him for everything he does. I became his number one fan.

I learnt to watch football and I supported Manchester United, my husband’s club.

As I was doing mine, my husband was doing his.

On YouTube, he learnt how to twist and lock my hair, he learnt how to bake cakes and make my specials, Pizza.

I discovered; marriage works when both partners are ready to sacrifice.

One month after the dying incidence, my husband had become stronger and always very visible in the kitchen.

By teaching from Pastor Mrs., I have stopped wearing normal clothes in the house when alone with my husband.

Yesterday I wore nipples revealing bra with skin camel toe tights. I noticed my husband’s eyes had been following me round the house.

I was told never to move round the house totally naked before my husband. Half nakedness charms a man more than full nakedness.

Today, while he was washing plates, I stood by him drying them. I was wearing transparent short crochet and Fringe Beach Dress. The kind that leaves nothing to imaginations.

My husband handed me a plate but I was too playful to hold it right.

The plate fell and shattered.

I bent to pick the plate. My dress rolled up.

I felt my husband’s male part in between my legs and wet hands circling round my chest.

Oga what!!!!

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