Oh My Husband - S01 E45

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He started convulsing and shaking vigorously.

Ah I burst into tongues. I held him and started saying some words of decree.

You cannot die, I refuse to allow you to die.

I shall never become a young widow.

I shall not bury you at young age.

Back into tongues.

No time to check time, no time to call Pastor. Everything happened very fast.

Suddenly he started coughing vigorously and vomited a red small handkerchief.

Oh my goodness God!!!! This is not African magic, this is not Nollywood, this is real life. A wet, sticky, red handkerchief.

After he vomited, he became lame like a dead man. I was exhausted. I don’t know what to pray again.

I sat down beside my husband who was getting cold and stiff by the second. I held his hands to myself, weeping and singing.

There is power in the name of JESUS, to break every chain and break every chain

I lost track of time; I didn’t stand up from his side. I just held him in my hands and sang my heart out.

I suddenly felt goose bumps on my skin, I knew another being has entered into the kitchen. I can’t see any human being but I knew.

I felt peace instantly and without any communication whatsoever with the being, I knew my husband was coming back alive.

I called his name five times, he answered like a person just waking up from a very deep sleep.

His countenance had changed. He looked calmer.

I pulled him up, he stood up without much stress and the first thing he did was to go back on his kneel. He was crying for mercy from God.

That will be the first time I saw my husband really pray with sincerity in months.

After thirty minutes of prayers (which is the longest my husband had ever done since I met him), he got up and hugged me to himself.

The first words he spoke to me were “I saw Jesus and I just escaped hell just now”.

My husband burst into tongues.

If I wasn’t here to witness it, I’ll say it’s a lie…..

I wasn’t feeling spiritual at this time, I was tired, it’s midnight. So I called his

attention to the blood he vomited and the red handkerchief on the floor of the kitchen.

I said; I’m happy you are back to life. I was scared just now but please tell me, when did you swallow handkerchief?

My husband looked at the specimen on the floor and replied.

About five years ago, I met one funny Pastor, I told him about my sperm problem. He told me to wrap a white handkerchief around my manhood at night.

By morning the handkerchief disappeared and I thought I lost it. Right from that day I started having sex in my dreams.

Hmm, seems the oil of death killed my old husband and brought a delivered one to me.

My husband addressed the handkerchief and for ten minutes, he was binding and losing.

Ahhh, the way my husband is behaving after his return from the land of the dead is funny ooo

Me I don’t want to be wife to a Pastor ooo.

My husband turned towards me and said “I was given a second chance, I saw Pastor Gbegbe, (he died two years ago), I saw your Grandpa( that one too is dead), and Jesus sent me to you personally”.

Ahhh, Jesus has gotten my husband.

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