Cleaning Lady - S01 E49

11 months ago

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Kunle Pulled Her Closer To Him.

Her Hands Wrapped Around Him And He Lay Back On The Bed,pulling Her Dow With Him.

They Lay Like That In Their Embrace,not Saying A Word.

“will You Be Here Tomorrow?”he Asked.

“if You Want Me”she Responded.

Saturday Afternoon,sheila Had Been Around For The Past Two Hours.

She Had Made His Room Orderly Again.

Several Times He Would Surprise Her By Grabbing Her Waist,tickling Her Squeeze Her Breast From Behind.

It Was All Fun And Games For Them.

Later On Sheila Was Going Through Some Books He Had Kept A Corner Of The Room.

“you Might Need To Get Rid Of These Books.

They Took Like Books My Granddad Read In His Time”sheila Said

“leave My Book,if You Don’t Want Me To Descend On You”kunle Threatened,hovering Over Her.

He Smacked Her Round Butt Where She Squatted And She Squealed,laughing.

Kunle Returned To The Tv And Switched It On.

Sheila Continued To Arrange The Books And Her Eyes Fell On An Envelope.

She Looked Inside And Saw It Was A Bunch Of Pictures.

Sheila Went Throught Them.

Most Of Them Were Of Him During His School Days.

“you Have Some Funny Pictures Here”sheila Laughed.

“what Pictures”

“Seems Like Some You Took In The University”

“oh! I Thought I Had Thrown Them Away”

She Continued Going Through Them She Saw Some Of His Time In Nysc Camp.

One Particular Face Caught Her Eyes.

She Put On Her Glasses To Have A Closer Look.

This Face Was Very Familiar.

She Thought Back To Where She Had Seen The Face.

Sheila Jumped,almost Toppling Over Flat On Her Face.

“you Okay Baby?”kunle Asked.

She Showed Him The Picture”do You Know This Lady”sheila Asked,her Heart Racing In Her Chest.

He Looked At The Face She Was Pointing At”yes I Do,why Do You Ask?”

“that’s The Lady At The Restaurant”

“which Lady?”

“the One That Told Me All That Trash About Men”

“are You Sure”kunle Asked

“yes,i’m 100% Positive”


“yes,kunle,its Her I Will Never Forget That Face”

Kunle Began To Seethe.

Everything Is Now Clearer Now. .

“kunle,what’s Wrong?Do You Know Her?Talk To Me Please!”

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