Cleaning Lady - S01 E43

10 months ago

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Two Night Later, She Had A Dream She Was Standing Above A Waterfall,scared She Might Fall Over.Kunle Suddenly Appeared,”grab My Hand Baby!!”he Cried Out.

She Reached Out And Grabbed Him,and He Pulled Her To Safety.

“you Are Okay,baby.

I Will Not Let You Go”kunle Said.

Suddenly,a Lady Appeared From The Waterfall And Grabbed His Legs,he Struggled To Kick Her Away As She Pulled Him Under.

Sheila Screamed Trying To Pull Kunle Back From The Lady Clutches,unsuccessful As His Grip On Her Hand Slipped.

She Watched In Horror As She Pulled Her Man Away.

“kunle!!!”she Yelled,lurching Forward And Waking Up From Her Nightmare.

She Was Sweating Badly.

She Thought Of The Discussion They Had Had,and Come To A Conclusion She Had To Fight For Kunle.

If She Was To Wim Him Back Finally.

Lara Looked At Herself Once More In The Mirror.

She Looked Stunning.

She Was Ready To Unleash Her Sexuality On Him,knowing Very Well Couldn’t Resist Her.

She Was’nt Going To Wait For Him To Come.A Predator Goes After His Prey.

She Wasn’t Going To Wait For Him To Come Befor She Sank Her Jaws In.

She Called Her Maid And Told Her To Take Care Of The House.

She Grabbed The Keys To Her New RAV4 A Gift From Her Regional Manager Sugar Daddy,guided The Sleek Ride Carefully On The Road.

She Drove The Short Is Fifteen Minutes To His House.

Kunle Was Quietly Relaxing In His Room When He Heard A Knock On His Door.

He Didn’t Want Any Visitors And Quietly Sulked As He Opened To See Who It Was.

He Was Shobked When He Saw Who It Was.

“helo Kunle”lara Greeted Him.

He Stood There Dumbfounded.

It Had Been Almost Four Months Since He Saw Her.

She Looked Stunning Even More Beautiful Than He Remembered.

He Just Stood There Staring At Her.

“are’nt You Going To Invite Me In?”

“oh Sorry,i Was Just. .”

“surprised?You Didn’t Expect Me Here?”


“well,lover Boy,i’m Here”she Replied As She Cat Walked Past Him Into The Room.

“What Was She Doing Here?Why Didn’t He Just Go Out Like He Planned Earlier.

He Wasnt Expecting This”kunle Thought

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