Cleaning Lady - S01 E41

10 months ago

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“i Don’t Know What Happened To You In That Restaurant But Whatever It Is Must Have Been Something Serious For You To Change Your Mind Like This.”

Kunle Paused”you’re Right.I Should Have Waited,i Shouldn’t Have Led You On,but What I Have For You Is Not Lust.Try To Get That In Your Head.When You Come Back To Your Senses,you Know Where To Find Me.”

Kunle Went Back To The Cab,sheila Watched As It Drove Away,bursting Into Tears.


Lara Smiled As She Thought Of The Next Thing She Wanted To Do.

She Decided To Give Him A Couple Of Days And At Work On Friday,she Planned On Her Next Step.


Kunle Was Really Angry At Her,angry At Himself.

He Had Been Thinking All Week.

Why?Why Is This Always Happening To Him?He Would Give His Heart To A Girl,and All They Do Is Shatter It At His Feet.I Think I Will Just Take A Break From Women,he Thought.

His Thoughts Were Interrupted By His Phone Ringing.

He Stared At The Screen.

It Was That Number Again.

Lara?Should He Pick Up?I Don’t Have Time For This.

He Let It Ring On For A While.

The Phone Went Silent And The Call Came Im Again.

Sighing,he Hit The Receive Button And Pressed The Phone To His Ear.

“helo Lara”

“helo Kunle,long Time”

“what Do You Want?”

“come On Is That How To Greet Someone”

“lara,look I Don’t Have Time For All This”

“i Just Want To Apologize To You For The Way I Treated You The Other Time”

“fine,apology Accepted.

Have A Nice Day”

“come On Kunle Don’t Hang Up.

I Really Want To See You,apologize In Person”

“that Will Not Be Necessary”

“come On Kunle,don’t Do This To Me”she Began To Cry”i. .

I Really Know I Hurt You So Bad,i’ve Really Missed You.

I Thought I Wanted Something Else But I Later Found Out That What I Wanted Had Been In My Arms All The Time,and I Let It Go,please Kunle I’M SORRY!!”lara Bawled.

“okay Calm Down.I Will Try And Find Some Time To Come See You This Weekend.”

“thank You Dear,i Promise To Make Everything Up To You.

I Will Not Let You Go,i Love You Kunle”

“yeah Yeah,talk To You Later!”

“aren’t You Going To Say You Love Me?”

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