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Fat madam: oga, I nofit give you that kind money, I no go even gree pay for two seats.

Conductor: see na four people dey stay for back there, if you no wan pay for two. Madam come down, I nodey smile as we dey talk oh.

Fat madam: You go reduce money.

The place is very tight as my brother’s body was very close to mine, we were gummed together by the woman’s weight. I come dey even pity myself the way them compress us like bread with egg.

The conductor angrily opened the door and asked the woman to come down if she no wan fight, after so much cursing the woman came down and a fine girl entered, she was pretty with neatly braided hair and sexy eyelashes.

With two ample exposed cleavage, she was busy on her phone chatting, I was looking for away to get her attention. I brought out my phone and logged in my facebook.

Me: oohh! This India people don send their mumu friends request again, later na them go kill person with video call.

She looked at me and smiled melting my heart, another girl wey be no go area entered beside her. And our body was touching each other, the conductor started taking money.

Me: facebook boring these days oh, can I add you so that you can make it lively for me.

Girl: she smile add more friends.

Me: pretty girls are always like this.

Girl: what do you mean?

Me: seriously, I just got a paying job of 200k, and I will start working this Month. I am seriously looking for someone to spend it with.

Girl: laughing is a lie.

Me: na so people dey miss their opportunity, if you talk say na lie. I no go force you.

I kept quiet and focused on my phone ignoring her pretentious attention on me, the driver started the car and he drove directly to Port-Harcourt.

Girl: am Chisom, wetin be your name?

Me: Victor, no wonder you fine die.

Chisom: laughing how na?

Me: your name na, Chisom you too fine. I swear, come to think of it, while your lips so pink.

Chisom: thanks, na God oh lipstick joor

Me: can I get your number, so that I go take you out when you are free.

Chisom: 09063796347 na my number no call oh, go toast gal collect number, onushi

I added her on whatsapp and sent her message immediately.

Me: am in love. I type and send

She looked at me and smile.

Chisom: hmm.. With who? she replied

Me: my heartbeat in the car I type and send

Chisom: hmmm… Heartbeat in car? she replied

Chat continued like that till we got to our bus stop at Choba, she hugged me before we took a bus to Pepperoni. We paid 250naira instead of 100naira, Nigerians are very wicked like their leaders.

Fuel no increase oh, t fare come harsh.

We came down at pepperoni and took keke from there to St. John’s, we cross the road to Rumoulumeni, as we were wrestling with our luggage.

Voice1: village! Village!!

Voice2: Nkpor! Nkpor!!

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