My WhatsApp Visitor - S01 E41

11 months ago

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Our sister already told us were her house is, is called Nkpor. We dragged our bags pass the keke man shouting village.

Keke man1: where ona dey go?

Keke man2: where ona wan go?

Me: we nodey go village, we wan go Nkpor.

Keke man1: Nkpor na still village, enter enter, na only two chances remain.

The two of them started dragging us, I just dropped my load for ground while my brother hold on to his own, I don even tire to even carry my own sef. I need house boys to do am, the first keke man that asked us were we wanted to go won, took all my bags inside his keke and we hopped in.

He started his keke and moved to the Village, we were jumping up and down inside the keke, I was holding on to the keke before I will jumped out of it. I didn’t miss the chances of looking at all those girls walking around the road side, the area babes get legit bumbum.

They are wonderfully made behind and I must confess am in love with all the girls I saw, nodey look me like that amu still a virgin.

We got to a junction and we came down from the keke with our bags, I brought out my phone and I saw missed call from my older brother Happy.

I was about dialing hid number when I saw him standing across the road side.

We crossed over and met him, he helped us with the loads. On our way to our rented apartment, I met Favour one of my female friend like that.

Favour: Victor, how far na? you dey live for this side.

Me: no, I just dey come now.

Favour: I dey live for this area oh, we go see later.

Me: one new pssy* I go call you.

The thing be say she no get big yansh but she must be sweet in the middle, we carried it to our rented two bedrooms flat in that area.

Immediately we dropped our bags, my brother started laughing.

Me: why you dey laugh?

Victory: when you start to work wey them dey pay 200k?

Me: see question, no fine gal dey reason fine face oh. Na fine pocket them dey reason, on top city babes wey their eyes don tear.

Victory: that babe go finish you, she go know say na lie you dey talk.

Me: before she go know, I don already f--k am well well. I get plan, you know where company dey this side?

Victory: go ask brother Happy.

I left the room and met my brother who was busy in the kitchen, he was preparing sharp sharp soup.

His hands was over the soup pot slicing onions.

Me: brother, where company dey for this area?

Happy: that road ona stop, if you go straight you go see am.

I returned and told my brother about it, both of us left in search of the company. The street roads were better than the main road, I come dey wonder if them no well… Tarred streets roads while main roads na tarred pot holes, I look at one compound opposite our own gate.

I saw one big ass shaking underneath bumshort, she short come get big yansh come ripe, she must be a senior girl.

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