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Subtitle: shadow of death

The war was now at the pinnacle where lives were nothing to the warriors on the battlefield, shrieks and roars could be heard here and there.

The king and the mountain lion fought with their lives on the line, without regards for their lives.

The king looked like a beggar, his fine garment was now tattered, designed with claw marks all over. He was bleeding all over his body, bloody gashes are visible at the places where his skin is now exposed to the air…he looked like a rich beggar with a crown placed on his head but the battle intent is still visible in his eyes

The mountain lion is not exempted, he is also full of spear marks all over his body,he roared as he charged at the king once again imbuing his claw with a magical technique which turned into into a steel, it is a powerful technique of the beast tribe “ the steel claw technique ”.

He stroke his claw at the king cutting off his ability to evade this technique, the king struck out with his spear to block the steel claw technique but he was sent flying with the hand wielding the spear vibrating non stop from the powerful impact.

He stood up while coughing a mouthful of blood, the mountain lion charged at him again giving him no chance to prepare, and with a powerful headbutt the king was sent flying once again.

Before he could touchdown from his flight the mountain lion was waiting for him with claws as sharp as a sword giving him another round of beating.

The king was on the verge of passing out, his life force was flickering like a candle light on a stormy night.

Before touchdown, the king waved his hand in an incantation gesture as he summoned the wind sending it to attack the mountain who is now in mid air about to pounce on the king.

The wind sent him flying for about ten feet space, the the king threw his spear in the air before making an incantation gesture with his hand. The spear then was multiplied by two, then two became four, four became eight until it reach the limit of a thousand sword.

Then the king waved his hand as he sent the hundreds of sword flying towards the mountain lion.

Sensing the impending danger, the mountain lion said some incantation as he spit out an illusory shield which covered a radius of 7 feet around him.

As the thousand Spears made of pure energy strucked the

Shield, almost half of the energy Spears were destroyed as the illusory shield cracked then turned into ashes.

With nothing to stop them, the remaining energy spear and the original spear cloaked within the sea of Spears made their way to strike the mountain lion. The sense of crises within him Rose to the peak as he let out a powerful roar of anguish.

The roar is a powerful technique exclusive to only the lion tribe of the beasts, it’s called “ the lion’s roar ” , with that powerful roar, almost all the energy spear were destroyed except for ten.

The mountain lion spit out five mouthful of blood to meet with the spear attack, his claw was bloody as he defended the ten energy spear attack but his heart was impaled with the original spear that was concealed in the air.

He removed the bloody spear from his heart as he used a forbidden technique to escape from the battlefield at the cost of his life force, he burnt his life force as he escaped from the battlefield he wouldn’t be about to fight for the next two months due to the injuries he sustained in this battle.

The king made to go after the escaping lion but he was too weak to do so, he was immediately surrounded by the royal guards who popped some healing pills into his mouth as the escorted him to safety by carving out a path of blood as the neared the city gates.

The king stubbornly told the guards off as he made to join the battlefield but he merely took the first step before passing out, the guards knew the type of person they are dealing with so they put a sleeping pill among the pills given to the king. The carried him off to the academy where they laid him on a bed to rest and recuperate from his injuries.


There are battles going on on the north, West and the Eastern gates but the southern gate is where the battle is at the peak, where all the mighty warriors are gathered.

At the Eastern gates you can see mortals battling against each other, arrows rained down from the city wall, the beasts were slaughtered mercilessly at this particular city gate.

This is where the king wants Silas to lead in battle, though Silas is a mortal, but he’s a special mortal, he can cast some spells exclusive only to the early one star fighter. Though he can cast those spell but the powers of the spell will be decreased dramatically.

He’s at the peak of the mortal life, and he also have a body strength of a one star fighter, early one star fighter body…the only thing he lacked is the magic and energy required to reach that level.

At the western part of the state, the battle is fought amongst the level one beasts and the 1star fighter fighting to the death. It is a battlefield of those who just stepped on the path of energy cultivation.

Some level two beasts and early one star fighter can be seen on this battle but they’re not much, they can be counted with a finger.

At the nothern gates, the battlefield was filled with blood as the warriors fought with their lives on the line, there were as many level two beasts and two star fighters on this battlefield as there were many sands on the ground but the three star fighters and level three beasts can be counted with one finger. The higher level fighters and geniuses were all at the Southern gate fighting with all their strength.

At the southern gate, the former king fought with the enraged white lion, they fought with all the magic they could summon. Though there is still a balance between both army on the battle field but it wouldn’t last for long due to the absence of the mountain lion and the presence of some geniuses of the human army.

At some place on the battlefield, there’s a youth with crimson red eye wearing a cloth socked in blood and sweat, his battle armor was cracked at the chest area, though he’s young, he looks 17-18 years old but he was feared by both the young and old.

He wielded a big bronze hammer with which he used to reap his enemies lives, with a swing of his hammer his enemies skull must crack, the ones far from him must have a splitting headache due to the resounding boom from the hammer on its impact with the enemies head.

Over twenty percent of the corpses on the battlefield are the ones with exploded head, killed by this very youth.

He is like the shadow of death, with every step he takes a soul must be lost, he is the emissary of death, his name is yuslo.

He was given a name on the battlefield, the enemies call him the shadow of death, he looked like a devil that just emerged from the yellow spring of hell he walks with brood dripping off his face.

Anywhere he passed on the battlefield, the demonic beasts will willingly create a path for him on the battlefield, and anyone he set his eyes on have received a death sentence and must be executed…he is the Executioner, the shadow of death.

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