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War (a battle for survival)


Since the ancient times the Earth has been divided, demonic creatures dominates the Earth. the mermaids and sirens wreck havoc in the seas.

Humanity is on the brink of extinction, until the rise of a young man, Silas. Born of lowly birth, he was made fun of by his peers.

All he ever wished for was a change in status. On a certain day his prayers were answered. A book fell from the sky and it dropped where he was practicing martial arts.

By opening the book, his destiny was rewritten. he was raised from grass to Grace. From being a poor and lonely boy, he became the only hope for humanity.

With a pitchfork in hand…cough…cough… With a trident in hand, he fought with orcs, elf’s blarfs and vanquished demons on his path to immortality and to restore hope to humanity.


War - S01

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