Cleaning Lady - S01 E02

9 months ago

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Kunle Could Still Remember Vividly When He Learned He Had Problems With Weak Erections And Premature Ejaculation.

Lara Had Come Over To His Place And He Had Planned To Take Her To Bed.The Had Gotten Naked And She Was Already All Hot,sloppy Wet And Ready For Action,only For Him To Pump A Few Times,and Ejaculate.

He Was Really Surprised And Lara Could Not Beleive It Either.

She Had First Sympatized With Him,may Be It Being Their First Time Together,but After It Had Happened A Couple Of Times More,he Knew He Had A Problem.

To Make Matters Worse,lara Had Not Taken It Easy On Him And Told Him If It Happened One More Time,it Was Over Between Them.

He Had Been To The Doctor And He Had Told Him To Eat Less Sugar And Excesice More But All To No Avail.

This Time Around She Abuses And Curses On Him Calling Him Impotent An “okobo”.

She Could Have Insulted Him All She Wanted,but Calling Him Impotent Hit Him Hard Where It Hurt The Most.He Really Had To Do Something About His Condition.

The Alarm On His Phone

Buzzed Loudly Waking

Him Up With A Start,he

Stretched And Yawned,

Looking At His Window

As The First Rays Of

Dawn Began Lightening

Up The Sky.

It Was Time

To Get Up And Prepare

For Work.

Kunle Lazily Threw The

Covers Back.

He Stood

Up And Headed For The

Bathroom Looking AtThe

Mirror,he Saw A Haggard

Looking 27Year Old With

BloodShot Eyes Staring


He Hadn’t Slept Much

Since The Incident At Lara’s

Place Three Days Ago,he

Had Tried Calling Her Several

Times But She Never Picked


Afterwards The Calls

Weren’t Going Through.

He Decided That First Thing

He Was Going To Do That

Weekend Was To Apologise

To Her And Surprice Her.

He Sighed And Started His Shower.

He Had Just About

30minutes To Get Ready

And Head To The Part

Where The Staff Bus

Usually Picked Him And

Other Workers Up.


Finished Up And Jumped

Into His Shirt,tie And

Trousers And Grabbed His

Laptop Bag.Mama Akosua,the

Motherly Ghanian Who Had

Set Up A Food Stand At The

Park At He End Of The Road.

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