My WhatsApp Visitor - S01 E38

1 month ago

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Me: I pity you na, as you dey cry like small pikin wey never see d*ck before.

Blacky: story, wetin I don see, I no even think say your mother don see am sef.

Hearing her say those shits, my d*ck rose like never before. She saw it and was surprised, I didn’t insert all my size inside for the first time.

Blacky: na this you carry, you no even sabi use am. Waste of time, my dey go house before my mother godey fine me.

She tried to walk away, I blocked her way and tried to pull down her skirt. She struggled with me but I succeeded, it was remaining her p*nt on her waist.

I pushed her down on the bed and held her p*nt, she started crying again.

This time already, I no see send. I removed her p*nt fast fast, raised her leg and put on my shoulder. I started hitting her hand.

Blacky: aaahhh! Mooommmyy oohh! He has killed me oh.

Me: aaahhh! Aahh!!

I turned her over and raised her waist, her yansh point go celine. I entered from behind doggystyle, and commenced the pounding.

I didn’t last because she was crying seriously, even when I tried to ignore her voice. I nofit, my sac full with sweet sensation. I pulled out immediately and my c*m started spurting on the floor.

Blacky: you try, you last well well.

I knew I didn’t bng her upto 15minutes, I wondered why me that usually make girls beg for me to stop fcking couldn’t last upto common 15minutes. I couldn’t even say a word, she wore her clothes and left afterwards.

During evening I went to the kitchen and prepared egusi soup, with meat and dried ice fish. My brother returned later with my friend Biggy, with a school bag hung on his shoulder.

Biggy: man turkey, wetin you dey cook na?

Me: I dey boil egg of life, where una two waka go na?

Biggy: ask this madman, we go collect age of Empire.

Victory: which time Nepa take light na?

Me: day before yesterday afternoon evening.

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