My WhatsApp Visitor - S01 E37

1 month ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 37

Me: so which stage we dey for the relationship?

Blacky: maybe kissing.

Me: make I get the kiss, so that I go get hope.

She wore a skirt that has rolled to her laps as she sat beside me, I raised her chin with my two fingers up.

I pressed my lips on her’s, she come close eyes.

I carry all my weight put am for body, she fall for bed. I used my hand pull down my boxer instanta, my h*rd rod stood still tapping her panted hole.

She removed her lips.

Blacky: stop stop! The kiss don do. Wetin dey touch my p*nt there?

She was struggling to get up, I insert my hand inside her pant and shift it. She was already w*t, she come dey form anyhow.

Blacky: I no wan do, commot from my body. I go shout oh!

Me: shout na? Na today we dey hear rape.

I dug two fingers inside her hole and started f*ingering her.

Blacky: asshh! I go shout rape for you…. Aaahhh.

I used my d*ck enter her hole, she opened her eyes wide.

Blacky: ooohhh! Wetin u put inside my body?

Me: why you dey cry na?

I started moving my waist slowly slowly, she was on her clothes no access to her bre*asts and other things.

The girl just dey cry like small pikin, i no too enjoy am sef.

Naso the sweety rush enter my brains go my g---n, I pulled out immediately. My dck started vomiting loads of cm on the floor.

She looked at me and started laughing.

Blacky: see person wey wan f--k, two minutes guy like you.

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