The Unbreakable Virgin - S01 E25

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She broke free from the tight embrace and gently push him away..

Trying her best to put her emotions in check..

She breathed heavily and faced him squarely..

” what are you doing here?”

She faked a frown.

But deep down her heart , she’s dying to hold him , kiss him and get drunk in his love..

She has missed him terribly..

And God!..

He looks more handsome..

She could see beards sprouting out of his cheeks ..

And gracious !..

That eyes of his !!!..

She could kill to have him stare at her all day.

Oh no!!..

She needs an explanation and probably an apology too..

His looks won’t hinder any of these..

” baby..

Is this how to greet your boyfriend ?”

He asked with a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips..

” boyfriend my foot..

The last time I checked , you cut all ties with me..

You left for a year Daniel .

No calls.

No texts..

Nothing to show that I still mean something to you.

And now ,..

You appeared from nowhere claiming to the title of “boyfriend”..

What kind of boyfriend are you?”

She yelled angrily as her eyes burns with tears..

It took everything in her not to brake down at that moment..

” am sorry”

Was all he could mutter..


He was wrong !..

He admits but sincerely, she hurts him too.

And looking at her now, all his bottled up emotions let loose from where he caged them from the inner most part of his heart..

He still loves her so much that he feared it could be the end of him..

” is that all you could say?..”

She said as she finally let her tears flow..


What else do you want me to say?..

You hurt me too remember?..”

” Daniel I was framed..

I never had any inten..”

” shhhh..

Its okay..

Christine confessed already..

Am sorry I made you pass all through this..

Please forgive me”

He pleaded as he cupped her cheeks in his palms starring into her beautiful eyes ..

” don’t cry please..”

He said softly wiping her tears..

“But you hurt me ..

I can’t believe you stayed away from me for one year ..

I nearly died”

She sobbed and he hugged her..

Lending her his shoulder and chest to cry on..

” do you love me that much?”

He asked but she pulled away and hits his chest instead..

” that hurts”

He whined..

” you jerk..

Don’t ever leave me again ”

She warned and that made him to chuckle softly..

” has anyone ever told you how cute you’re when you’re angry ?”

He pulled her cheeks but she spanked him..

” stop hitting me”

He said and she smiled ..

And that smile!..

He has missed it so much..

” I love you”

He couldn’t help his beating heart and the butterfly in his stomach that has gone on rampage..

” me too..

I love you more”

She beamed..

He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead.

She held him tightly as they hugged passionately not giving a d--n..

What matters to her now is his love for her which is genuine..

He pulled away from the tight hug breathing heavily as their foreheads touched..

” I have a confession to make..

While I was away..

I cheated on you with a lot of women..

Nma I became a play boy..

I was just frustrated and …”

” its okay”

She cuts him off gently..

” what matters now is that we are back together and I won’t trade it for anything..

Thanks for telling me the truth”

” you’re an angel..

Am glad to know someone like you..

Thanks for your understanding”

He smiled and her heart melted..

” one more thing..

I have good news..

Guess ”

She said as her face wouldn’t stop beaming with smiles..

” onyinye is married ”

He said..

” what!..

How did you know? ”

She exclaimed even though that’s not what she wanted to tell him..

” my instincts are never wrong ”

He boasted..

” yeah whatever..

Such a show off”

She scoffed loudly..

” that one na your business ”

He said in pidgin and she couldn’t help her laughter..

” well..

I wanted to tell you that am now an undergraduate just like you..

I got admission ”

” wow.

Congrats baby..

Am proud of you”

” thank you”

” so what course?”

He asked

” Economics ”

She beamed

” wow that’s what am studying too..

But ..

I hope you’re still a vir..”

” yes I am..

And stop being too paranoid ”

She added before he could complete his statement..

His smirk grew wider..

” why won’t I ..

When I have a goddess as a girlfriend”

He pulled her closer to himself by the waist..

” just stop ..

People might see us”

She fluttered..

” that’s what I wanted anyways..

You will meet my father one of these days..

Be a good girl..

I hate sharing what’s mine”

He added seductively..


Is he trying to seduce her or what?..

Her Heart beat increased..

” Daniel you don’t have to worry ..

You know that I..”

” I love you so much ”

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