The Unbreakable Virgin

1 year ago


” Do you want it in peace or in pieces?”

His voice came again , this time around harsh and demanding .

“Please don’t do this …

Am begging you …

Please don’t ..”

A blinding slap shut her up instantly.

“Now strip ..”

He commanded with hostility.

“Please ..”

She cried

Another slap followed.

“Help me …

Somebody help ..”

She cried

“I can see that you don’t want it in peace . now let’s do it roughly.”

He grabbed her and threw her on the couch .

He unbuckled his belt and began to whip her mercilessly as her cries intensified .

He pulled his trouser off and grabbed her again tearing off her shirt thereby revealing her boobs and she’s not wearing any singlet. That intensified his sexual urges and forcefully he began to s--k her boobs , hurting her in the process.

She pushed him off with all her strength, as fate would have it .

She sighted a bottle of wine lying carelessly on the floor and hit it on his head .

He slumped down and fainted .

She got the keys from him , opened the and ran away with her bag .

“Nma wait ”

Onyinye called after her but she has already gone far.

What happened today has taught her a great lesson.

She just hoped that the priest is not dead

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The Unbreakable Virgin - S01

The Unbreakable Virgin - S01

1 year ago