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(unforgiveable heart)


derick: (crying)Brenda,what have i done to

you,why are you this heartless to the extent

of killing a girl on her wedding day?.

Brenda: (in a mocking voice)oh,my baby is

crying,please dry your tears,idiot.when i told

you that i will be back for you,you see me

say i put water for mouth talk am?,instead

of you to talk to you father,you choose to

leave me to die in jail,you used the 11th

commandment on me when you never

knew that such commandment do exist.that

reminds me,where is your father

hiding?.she said and turned her face to the

congregation who were bending down

while some were crying.she saw Mr.jumbo

trying to lie flat on the ground”eh,dont lie

down on the dusty floor,(turned toward

segun)bring that idiot here”.

Derick: leave my father out of this,if anything

happen to him i will never forgive you.

Brenda:like i need your forgiveness

mtcheew,when i needed it you refuse to

offer it now it is too late.

Unfortunate for Mr.jumbo,he barbed a skin

cut which make it easy for segun to take

him,he held him from his bears and was

downloading hot slap on his head as he

dragged him toward the alter.

Derick. please,dont hurt my dad i beg you in

the name of God.

Brenda. (placing a gun on Mr.jumbo

forehead)so you can actually

beg,mmmmm,am sorry but forgiveness is a

sin. she said and pulled the trigger and a

bullet went straight into Mr.jumbo skull.

Derick: nooooo!!!(crying),shut the f--k up,now Ezra time

for the marrital vow.

Ezra:derick jumbo,do you take Brenda

oviawe to be your lawful wedded wife,to

love her with all your heart’ be

faithful to her,in riches and in wealth,in

plenty and in abundance,in all conditions of

life,till death do you apart.

Derick:never!!i rather die than to marry a

beast like you.

Brenda: (boiling in anger)derick you call me

a beast.

Derick:yes a beast that is what you are.

Brenda was visibly furious and it shown in

her face,she rushed toward derick,jumped

up and dip a knive on the center of his

head. blood and brain were gushing out

together like water.

Brenda: (crying)i love you derick,you make

me to do this,you turned me into what i am

today,it was all your fault.

Pelumi walked in with a man at gun point.

Pelumi:i caught this man outside trying to


Ezra: (smiling)senator samson odiameh,you

actually save us the stress of finding

wan run coz you no say your hand no pure


Patrick:hi boss.

Mr.samson:thank God you are here,patrick

please save me.

Patrick:in not less than 5000 words give me

reasons why i should save you,did you save

me from been sentenced to jail?

Mr.samson:am sorry Patrick,it was the hand

work of the devil.

Patrick:forgiveness is a sin,i can’t…(he was

interrupted by the sound of a knive follow

by Mr.samson scream and he fell down died)

Brenda:sorry am not in good mood for

family re_union.

Patrick:Brenda you are getting too blood

thirsty this days o,we were suppose to take

him and suffer him na.

Brenda:dem dey carry cutlass dey give mad

woman?,that is not necessary afterall he will

still die,let leave this place now before the

police arrived.

Patrick:as you wish,guys let go.

Ezra:eh guyz,as the priest dont you think i

need to take the offering?

Brenda:father Ezra bring them then.

Ezra:yeah”.he raised the offering box and

run after them.


All the dragon members were sitting in the

sitting room watching the news on review

about the mission.

Newscaster:just today,unknown gunmen

stormed the st peter catholic church killing

five people including the bride,groom and

the priest,the sergeant in the head quarter

of police said in a speech that the police are

on it,he assured the citizens of the state that

in no distance time they will apprehend the

hoodlums. he also said that the d.p.o as

placed him and his assistance whom he

called officer Monday on the mission

kingly,that the hoodlums will surely be

brought to the law.i am eghosa

nnwambe,i.t.v news.

Sky:i need that officer Monday here

tomorrow morning.

Nath:why can’t we just go for the sergeant?.

Sky:that is the person that i need.pelumi and

Ezra i placed you on this mission.

Ezra:but boss tomorrow is my wife

revenged mission na.

Sky:you can do that in the afternoon,get me

that guy tomorrow morning.

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