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Pelumi was rolling on his bed in his room

while sleeping he was saying some words

that were not audible,with the look of

things it seems that he was having a



He was walking in a narrow road that was

completely silent,the street was purely white

and covered with snow,only the sound of

bird that are flying and pitching on trees can

be heard. he was totally dumbfounded at

what he was seeing,the road was a long

straight one and not even a single house

was seen.he was still stunned at the

surrounding when he was brought back by

a voice at his back,he turned back to see a

white dove talking to him.

Dove:dont be scared,your friends are

waiting for you follow me.

Pelumi follow the dove to the hedge of a

mounting where he saw three guys backing


Pelumi:who are they and why am i here?.

He was still surprise and wanted to ask

more Question when the guys turned and

face him which shocked him more.

Pelumi:wisdom,collins,emma is that you?.

Wisdom:yes boss.

Pelumi:but i saw you dead by their bullet

before i was arrested.

Collins:and we are still dead boss

pelumi:those it mean that am dead too?.

Emma: oh no,you are very much alive,we

summon you here to inform you that the

time is drawing nearer to revenge us,the

tigress have left delta for Benin and it will

not be too long before they will clash with

the dragon squad.

Pelumi:but you know that the tigress are

very powerful,i dont think the new members

will be able to destroy them for the dragon

code said that the capon must not go on

any mission unless it is an emergency


Wisdom:yes it is going to be an emergency

mission,a mission that will shake the ground

of Benin like an earthquake and sky the

dreadliest killer will be involve.

Pelumi:what do you mean by that? Why will

sky be involve in it?.

Emma:sky and joy once have a clash in the u need to go your time here is far


Pelumi:no i dont want to leave i want to stay

here with you,you are my family.

Wisdom:we shall join together soon but for

now you need to revenge us”.they said and

they started fading away like white smoke.

Pelumi:”no no nooooo!!!!please come



noooooooo”.he jumped up and started

panting covered with sweat.

Pelumi:what did he mean by sky and joy

once have a clash?,oh well if na so this

revenge will be sweet o”.he said and lie

down again.


Officer Monday came down from the bike

and was about to enter the gate to the

police station when he was called from a

distance,he look at the direction and saw a

guy standing at a corner pointing at

something and he started walking toward

the guy.

Officer Monday:what happen there?

Ezra;a child was killed and dropped here

please come and see it?.

He walked close to the guy and was angry

coz nothing was present there.

Officer Monday:where is the child?

Just then pelumi walked out from his back

pointing a gun on his head

pelumi:follow us now or i blow your skull


Officer Monday;please dont kill me ,my wife

is pregnant i will follow you please.

Pelumi used a rag to tie his face and lead

him into the car.


he was made to sit on the floor in the sitting

while Brenda went out to call sky,few

minute later sky came into the house.

Sky:when i said you guyz should bring him i

never said make una punish am na,remove

that rag from his face make he see us well.

Pelumi walked up to him and remove the

blanket from his face

officer Monday: where am i?who are you

and why did you bring me here?.

Sky:wait,you dont know me?

Officer Monday:yes i dont,release me now

before i get angry.

Sky:if you come get angry what will

happen?,this is the dragons den and in this

place if you get angry we will kill you and if

we still get angry we will still kill you just

calm down and listen to our proposer.

Officer Monday;what kind of a useless

proposer is that?

Pelumi gave him a hot slap that make him to

hold is cheek with is two hands.

Pelumi;na boss you dey yarn follow like

that,you dey craze abi dem dey finger your


Sky:leave am na,he is our visitor listen

carefully,we want to aligned with you,you

will be feeding us with every necessary

information and we will inturned be paying

you more than the government can ever

thought of paying you in a year.

Officer Monday:am an officer of the law,i can

never sell my loyalty.

Sky: (smiled)you will not do it right?,nath get

me that picture that i sent u to snap this


Nath brought the picture to him and he

showed it to officer Monday.

Officer Monday:jesus!!how did you get this?

Sky:that is a picture of your pregnant wife

coming out to fetch water this morning at

your house now will you do it or not?.

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