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After the episode at the hospital I got to know Candy uses their house for a meeting spot for clients she beds. The doctor left out the part that she has gonorrhea, coz I was diagnosed of it the next day I went for test. Perhaps it could be my madam, who knows? As long as I slept with her unprotected it could be from either of us.

Few days after Candy’s case died down, Ruth resumed her plot on my madam. Now I was no longer interested, all I wanted is to be free walking around like every other human being. But Ruth kept pressing so I gave in.

She wanted me to have a credible evidence to nail my her. So she suggested that I have a recorder with me when next I meet with Amaka, which I agreed to do.

First I called Amaka one evening that I know she should be relaxed to take calls.

” hello ” I said.

” who is this?! ” Amaka said.

” its M….”

Ruth closed my mouth with her hand before I called my name . Then said motioning with her lips without a sound ” GO… S-T-R-A-IGHT TO -THE-POINT”

” you are evil! You have my baby and you don’t want me to see him why?! ” I said, waiting for her response but she hung up on me.

” what’s it? ” Ruth asked when I removed the phone from my ears looking surprised.

” she hung up! ” I said looking at the phone as if it has suddenly grown claws.

” call her again!” Ruth said taking the phone from me and dialed back the number. And when Amaka picked, she handed it back to me.

” what’s it Mike?! Won’t you just leave me in peace this boy?! ” Amaka said.

” just allow me see my child! Even if it’s for a minute please, I promise I will let you be forever after that”. Ruth gave me a tombs up and noded, indicating I was on point.

” fool! Who told you that he’s your boy?!” she shouted.

Ruth whispered ” I know about your girls “. I didn’t get her, so she repeated it.

” I know about your girls. ” I felt she was shocked to hear this.

” what do you mean, my girls ?! ” she asked.

” I know they’re not yours. ” I said feeling I just dug my grave a little dipper saying this .

” who told you that?! ” she said.

” I did my digging. I have evidence to back my claims. I don’t mean to blackmail you, just allow me see my boy please “. I felt this got to her.

After an ample seconds of silence she said.

” OK! I will allow you meet him. I will keep you posted ” then she hung up.

I and Ruth jumped up happily, celebrating our evidence.

” we got her now!” I said jumping up.

Ruth hugged me. She kissed me passionately and I responded spontaneously. She hungrily pushed me on the bed, roughly took off my shirt and hers. We got so body tangled until I was going to penetrate she stopped me.

“Mike no! ” she said holding me back.

” what’s it?” I asked surprised.

” I haven’t done this before ” she said silently shy.

” are you telling me you are a virgin?! ” I asked dazed.

” yes I am Mike! I love you Mike! ” she said hugging me. ” I have been in love with you since the day I saw you, but I can’t give it up right now, not now please Mike “.

I just kissed her and hugged her back. Then something told me to check. And so I moved down her legs kissing from her lips. ” I won’t penetrate, trust me”. I said still kissing .

I went between her legs s-----g and licking recklessly. She moaned out loud scattering her hair, squeezing all the sheets under her, moving her body uncontrollably. When she couldn’t curtain herself anymore, I tried a finger, it was as tight as forcing a tomb into an ear hole.

” Mike, am ready! ” she suddenly moaned it out breathlessly.

I quickly greased my bleeping rod and tried to push it in gently, it felt tight, so I poured enough saliva on her c------s and rapidly stimulate it with my fingers as I gently push my bleeping rod in. The c------s stimulation distracted her slightly from the pain. But she kept trying to push me away at every interval while I struggled to continue gently until it was all in. I went slow on her still stimulating her c------s until I gave a huge o----m.

She was bleeding slightly, and she complained that she’s hurting and can’t go on. So I held her. She felt so happy, we just kissed.

She took up my phone to preview all we have recorded, while wrapped in each others arms. But it was empty. We didn’t press the record button when I made the call.

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