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I arrived Ruths place late in the evening because my safety is not guaranteed at my place.

Ruth was not yet back from work, so I shared the company of Candy who was unusually distant . She just laid on the bed pretending to be asleep while I was there. Very unlike her.

” are you okay?” I asked.

She said nothing, made no attempt of hearing what I said. So I tried again.

” is everything okay? ” this time I stretched on the bed to touched her waist. She just removed my hand and kept silent. This simply meant she wanted her space, so i spared her.

She stood up from the bed, clad in just a black tight underwear and a pink bra. Went to the bathroom, came back returned to the bed still ignoring me.

I decided to hold my peace. Sent Ruth a couple of messages with Candy’s phone (which she absent mindedly tossed over to me on my request) letting her know that am at place waiting for her.

I slept off on the bed waiting for Ruth. Suddenly a tap on my thigh woke me up.

” sleeping marching ” she said smiling.

” you’re back! ” I said, getting up and wiping my face.

” has this girl giving you anything? ” she asked hitting Candy on her butt as she walked into the kitchen. I didn’t answer.

She came back, still smiling ” why did you come here, aren’t supposed to go home? ”

” you na? It’s not safe. I said.

” you said they stole your phone? How? That your new phone?” she asked.

” so sad my dear ” I said laying back on bed.

Ruth fixed a snappy dinner. We ate and then she downloaded my madams dozier from her findings to me. : “She traveled to a distant country came back with twin baby girls. Her first daughter is actually the child of her late sister, who died giving birth to her, that was before she came to this town. Severally, she has tried to conceive sleeping with different men, even with some of her staff she which ended up sacking after a while for a flimsy reason, still all to no avail. Then you came along, now she has her own child.”

I sat silently listening to Ruth without saying a word . My mind revolved around the story, seeing clearly now why she is up to what she is doing ( my madam ).

” how did you come about this information? “. I finally asked.

” a reliable source dug into her closet. ” she said smiling.

” a reliable source you say” I said smiling back.”

Candy was awfully quiet that it got even Ruths attention. She just laid on the bed face down.

” Candy! ” Ruth called.

But she didn’t respond. Ruth stood from the floor were we both ate and has been catching up to see why her sister hasn’t been herself.

” Candy! ” Ruth screamed

I spontaneously jumped up. There was blood on the blue bed sheet, coming from Candy who was struggling silently with her stomach. We jacked her up, she was turning pale. Ruth checked her private part region immediately where the blood was coming from to discover she wore a pad and the it was filled up with blood.

” Candy what’s wrong with you!” Ruth cried shaking her. She just kept touching her tummy in a suppressed agonizing pain.

Ruth quickly ran to a neighbor who owns a car and he came almost immediately with her. We carried her to the car. And in a little while we were at the emergency unit.

We waited uneasily at the reception. Ruth was jettery and petrified. She kept saying ” she’s my only sibling, what will I do?! “. I tried everything in my ability to let her know Candy is going to be fine. But she kept moving up and down biting and chewing her nails.

Then suddenly the doctor came in. He requested to speak to a direct relation. I was surprised when Ruth insisted that I am family. So we were both taking to his office.

” your sister tried to commit an abortion “. The doctor calmly said as we settled.

” abortion?! ” I and Ruth chorused.

” yes, abortion.” he said adjusting himself on his chair. ” she consulted a quack. From observation this is not her first. If only she hasn’t attempted abortion this time, perhaps she would have saved her womb. That’s why it’s right to consult a trained personnel, at least she would have been told of the risk involved.

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