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‘hahaha, i hate to say this but The

evil pla is your daughter,’ everies

said putting shocks on our faces.

‘dont believe she is just trying to

trick us,’ i warned because i could

see the god of wisdom looking very


‘how is she my daughter,’ the god of

wisdom asked.

“you remember those times we used

to work together. I mean those

times you do dirty works. You forgot

you did forced me to have sex with

you right? Well she was the one i

gave birth to. You can kill her afterall

she is a forced baby. I dont have any

thought of keeping her as my

daughter. I just thought i should

make the confession before you go

ahead,’ everies said with smiles.

The rest of us turned to the god of

wisdom. We could see him shrieking.

With the look of things it seems he

remembers. But i still believed its

not right. With the way everies is

smiling she have something behind

deck and i wont fall for her tales.

The god of wisdom was short of

words. He couldn’t move or talk. Just

when i was about to move closer to

him, pla escaped. She ran towards

everies and bow down at her feet.

She did it very fast that we were

suprised to see that she still possess

such high agility and speed.

‘it was my mistake. And i really dont

believe what you are saying. But

even if its true. I have retraced

myself. Ownet have changed me and

together we must curb and swipe all

evildoers out of existence.,’ the god

of wisdom said and charged towards

the 13 witches at the front.

But he was pushed away by an

anaconda. Its everies anaconda. It

looks so big now. The anaconda

pushed the god of wisdom with full

force and i could see him bleeding at

his forehead.

I wanted to go and help him but he

told me he can handle it. Our plan

has to cancel since pla have escaped


Mother confessor told me she can

handle the witches with her own


. I would attack everies. The great

wizard said he will handle the great


Iris is to take care of the deceiver

and pla together. They were no

match for her.

I signal to everybody for the battle

to begin.

I walked gently toward everies. She

weard a gown covered with snakes.

It was scary but i was determined to

finish her this time. I hit my New staff

on the floor and it bounced me up to

everies throne. I threw the staff at

her and she used her hand to control

it away.

I directed my leg to her head aiming

to smash it but she held them and

landed me on the floor. Instantly,

blood spilled from my mouth. I

looked at the god of wisdom and i

could see the anaconda defeating

him. I looked at at mother confessor

and i saw that they were getting

weaker. But iris was still under

control of her opponents.

I stood up and walked up to everies

again. This time its going to be

magic spell.

I raised my hand and summoned the

power of air but everies was already

close by. She began reciting some

words that i never heard off and to

my suprised the floor exploded

taking me off grounds and i fell

down again.

‘you are just a piece of thrash ownet.

You can never defeat me. You are

just a young boy but i am so sorry

because i must kill you right now,’

everies said moving closer to me. Iris

was faraway from me but i could see

her struggling to get to me.

Everies raised her hand up and i

sword appeared in her hand. She

raised it up. And looked at me.

‘rest in peace’ was what she said

before she directed the sword

through my chest but it didn’t go

deep before everies screamed.

Something took her up and lifted her

back on the the ground.

I turned to look at who did it and i







[The Tampered Destiny]

i turned to look at who did it and i

saw the gatekeeper.

He held my hands and help me get

back to my feet.

‘regain your energy while i fix things

with her,’ the gatekeeper said and

moved towards everies. Its now i see

that its not the real gatekeeper. Its

his clone but i dont think anybody

knows apart from me.

I could see my wounds healing

slowly and so i turned to check the

rest members and i saw that they

were still battling. All the 13witches

are still active with no sign of injury.

The anaconda was seriously dealing

with god of wisdom. Pla and the

deceiver are also fighting back.

If it continues like this i know that

we will lose. The gatekeepers clone

is not strong enough to defeat

everies but at least he can help me

buy sometime.

I crawled to an angle and watched

their fight.

Everies threw some fireballs at the

clone and he dodged it fiercely. He

sent a dart towards everies and she

caught it with her mouth.

Everies ran towards him with the red

sword. I knew what she was trying to

do but i couldn’t do anything. Everies

directed the sword to his stomach

region to which the clone dodged

but everies blew the dart from her

mouth at the same spot and it went

straight to the clones neck causing

him to choke.

When everies saw that no blood

came out she quickly realised that its

not the gatekeeper himself so she

recited a spell to complete tarnish

the clone.

I came out from the angle when i

saw this.I was very angry. My face

was burning with rage. A storm come

and filled the whole place and then

it varnished immediately and this

time i saw a guy that looks exactly

like me. He had an accent of the

person i saw in my dream.

All eyes were deck him as he stood

at the entrance door. I could see

mother confessor looking very

happy. The god of wisdom was also

very happy too. They both bow and

greeted him with high prestige.

With the way they greeted him i

realised that it was the “REAL OWNET”


He went and touched mother

confessor and the rest two witches

first. He proceeded to touch iris also

and then he hugged god of wisdom.

The great wizard was no where to be

found. Its seems him and the great

witch had taken their fight to

another place.

everies was looking terrified.

The real ownet walked up to me. He

examined me very well and then he

turned to face everies.


whispered to me and then we

started fighting everies together.

She stood no chance between us as

we kept beating her. Whenever she

says a magic spell the real ownet

rebounce it and then i will attack


A new form of energy was running

through my veins. I heard a scream

from the anaconda. The god of

wisdom lifted it up and landed it on

the floor. All its part was scattered on

the floor.

Mother confessor and her two

witches had already finish defeating

the 13witches. All of them were


The real ownet gave me a sign to go

to his back.

Everies ran towards us and the real

ownet lifted his legs from the floor

he used his hand to hold my head

and he gave everies a continuous

kick. He kicked her in her head, till

she crushed on the wall. Blood

spilled on the ground. Her head was

permanently destroyed.

the real ownet released his hand

from my head and stood firm on the


The scene was horrific so i quickly

turned my face away and headed to

mother confessor, the real ownet

followed suite.

We saw the great wizard walking

inside. He was covering his stomach.

He stopped us on our way. It seen

like he was very suprise to see the

real ownet.

The great wizard held his hand to

confirm if its real.

Just then, he dragged the real ownet

from the way and a red sword was

sent right to his chest region.

The real ownet turned to see why he

pushed him only to find out that

everies had thrown the sword on

him but the great wizard saved him.

“noooooooooooo'”, the real ownet

shouted and he proceeded to

everies direction. A very long sword

appeared on his hand.

He didn’t hesitate as he used it to

pierce everies stomach also. He

inserted the whole length of the

sword on her stomach.

I knelt down beside the great

wizard. He is was struggling to


‘i am very happy to die this kind of

way. At least i met ownet and i

sacrificed myself for him. I am very

grateful for this opportunity . I have

always dreamed of this moment. my

regards to the gatekeeper,’ the great

wizard concluded and he closed his


I was welled us with tears. Should i

be happy or sad.

Pla and the deceiver surrendered.

Mother confessor handcuffed them.

We buried the great wizard before

we journey back to the gatekeeper’s





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