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I sat in my office working on my laptop and writing in my notepad, it close to noon and I haven’t had much rest since I came to work in the morning not that I am complaining since am used to working none stop, but without a good PA I have to do most of the work myself, okey, I still haven’t found someone to replace Richard, d--n, that gut was good at his job, I so want to call him back but my pride won’t just let me, hell no, I wasn’t going to call him, I haven’t called anyone back after they are fired and I will not start with him, don’t want anyone to think that they are irreplaceable in my life, I have lived like that before and won’t live like that again.

So this is me doing the heavy work of both I and a PA, well I better do it myself then allowed those incompetents so called PA I have employed for the past weeks do it for me, I know I am not an easy going person but if they did their jobs well I won’t have to get angry or fired them, right?.

The sound of the door opening told me that someone just entered my office and I really didn’t need to look up to know who it is, there was only one person that can come unannounced to my office even my in my home and that is Jack.

“ I see you have lot of work to do”, I raise up my head seeing a smirk on his face, I know what that means, he was trying to mock me again, he has been doing so ever since I got Richard fired and it wasn’t really helping my predicament.

“ and when I mean I lot, I seriously mean a lot” he continue glaring at the hips of files that I have on my desk.

I ignored him going back to my work, “ you know you could just……”, “ oh come on” I exhale interrupting him since I already know what he was about to say, “ can you seriously drop the issue about Richard”, I removed my hand from my laptop keypad stopping my work, he really do know how to get my attention.

“ what?” he shrugged with his eyebrow raise

“ okey, you have all my attention, what do you want? and if you are hear for lunch, just f--k off cause am not in the mood “ I was really annoyed now, though I know he will never be moved by that and as usual, he shrugged not minding my annoyance.

“ no you can continue with your work, there is no need going out for lunch when I already ordered lunch to be brought to your office”

Did he just?

“ who told you I am hungry?”

“ me”, he raised his finger pointing at himself, “ I know you have been having a lot of work for the past few days and starving yourself too much, I as a good friend have let you be, refusing to bother you, but not anymore you are eating lunch”, he said with a stern face.

“ in my office?” I asked in disbelief, Well not that I don’t eat lunch in my office I just don’t love the idea, I always does that when I have unlimited time to have lunch out and it has to be needed.

“ well I figured that you will not want to leave your office”, he said leaning more onto the chair, I know there was seriously not point arguing with him, since he has already made up him mind to annoy me today.

We both sat in silence as I went back to my work while he does what ever he love doing with his phone, they door bell distracted both us from what we were doing, as we both stared at the door.

“well that must be our lunch”, with that he swing out from the chair and head to do the while I continue in my work.

The lunch went well and I must confess the food tasted nice, my order was made just the way I like it but I wasn’t going to tell him I enjoyed the meal, wouldn’t want him to tease me with that. I close my laptop, wanting to rest a little after the lunch I just had, my secretary has come early to take away the leftovers, so we were just sitting down quietly as we allow our meal to settle in our system (stomach).

Jack lean forward against my desk, with a devilish smile on him face, I raised my eyebrows at him wondering what he was now thinking in that dangerous mind of his, he places his phone on my desk as he lean forward, with a smirk on him face, he definitely have something up his sleeves.

“ what?” I try not to sound curious, he was fond of joking around things am curious with and I wouldn’t want to get him something to joke about.

“ nothing really”, he shrugged, with his elbows leaning against my desk gazing at me.

“ you better say what you want to say, I know you want to”

“well”, he raised from the desk resting on his chair, “ was wondering if we could go to the dawn today?, it been long we went there”

The dawn was a big nightclub that was for the rich, where you are free to do what you like without being in trouble, it was a legal nightclub but with illegal things happening there but still it choose to be notice that everything was legal there, from the skippers, to the drugs dealer that give out drugs if you have are interested, even cocaine was approved there, and I will say even if everything in there wasn’t legal, it was so legal to the people that visit there. I and Jack usually go there to get laid, there are well trained professionals sex hawkers that you can be confident to laid with without the fear of contacting any sexual diseases. It was a place I love to huge out when am not busy.


not today.

“ can’t men, have a lot to do”, which wasn’t entirely a lie, I do have a lot to do but that wasn’t the main reason why I didn’t want to go there, with the upcoming wedding I will…… might be holding in few days time, i won’t want to give the paparazzi a something to gossip about, The dawn is highly protected to safekeep the identity and status of their client from the social media but you couldn’t be more careful.

With a frown face, “ come on, you have always been busy since I know you but you always find time to hangout there, so that is seriously not an excuse” he ford his arms under his chest resting on the chair.

“ well for me it is”, I am not ready to tell him anything regarding Nadia and I for now, I haven’t told anyone about her visit and I intend to keep it that way until the marriage agreement is sealed, she asked for it to be a secret and to give her time to prepare which I did, she does really need the time, she looked so stressed the last time she came here, so I won’t want her to look that way in front of the camera when I will announce our engagement, ohhhh, she has no idea how I was so planning everything.

“ are you being serious?” his gaze on me intensified trying to read me

“ you can stop burning my flesh with your eyes”, I opened back my laptop to get to work, “I can’t go for now, you know I no longer have a competent PA that can help me with all this work, so I need all the time to myself to work”

“ so how is that my concern”, he said uninterested, “ you were the one that love sacking people not me” he was annoyed, he took his phone mumbling to himself as he stood up with my eyes on him.

“ are you leaving?”

He sighed heavily and without a word he left my office, I really don’t know what his problem is, and I wasn’t really ready to ask him, as soon as the door close, I went back to my work.



Today is the day that my father is going to be discharged from the hospital, I am beyond happy that he is coming back home more healthy than before, I woke up early to prepare for his arrival, I was throwing a little welcome party for him, I didn’t invite much people, just Becky, Mike, Aunty Vivian and her husband, I really want to welcome him home after being away for three weeks, yes he has been in the hospital for good three week making it just a week before I start my wedding preparation, when ever I think about it I feel a disgust twist on my stomach but I just can’t back out from the agreement. Don’t want to find out what he might do if I refuse to marry him since he has keep his end of the agreement.

“ please be careful with that” I called out to one of the maid that was carrying the glass bowl of stew, I stood just close to the dinner watching as they set the table, I have took my time to prepared all the meals that will be served today and of course with the help of the maid.

“ you know that look isn’t suitable for you right”

I turn my head to the voice of Becky who was just walking into the sitting room and a smile found it way to be my face. “ you made it”

“ why won’t I” she said as she wrapped her arms around me in an hug which I gladly reciprocate.

“you look stressed”, she pointed out in between the hug as she patted my back gently, I exhale lightly, I was stress no doubt, who wouldn’t be when I have a lot to thank about, I haven’t been having much sleep lately all thanks to Ethan who seems to find his way to my dream almost every night, but this time it’s a whole different dream but a little familiar to the pervious one,

“ now come on let’s do something to relieve you and cheer you up” we both release the hug, she looked at me with a warm smile on my face but I can see the worries in her eyes, but I was thankful she didn’t ask any question, both she and Mike hasn’t ask anything even when they see my uneasiness, I was going to tell them the secret I am hiding from them after the party, they have the right to know,

we walked in the direction of the dinner with her ahead of me

“ what do we have here?”,

she moved inspecting the meals that are place nicely on the table, there was a huge smile on her face so as mine, her being here with me was something I needed right now, I had called her to come help with the preparation and am happy she was just in time as there was so much to be done.

The rest few hours went well as we all work together to make everything perfect, when the work was almost done I was dragged into my room by Becky to get dress, it was almost six pm when I finished dressing up, my parents will be on their way now and I had to be there to receive them. By the time I made my way downstairs, Aunty Vivian and her husband was already around, Mike was on his way, he will be running a little late due to the fate the he had something important to do for his father, i wasn’t bothered because i know he will definitely make it.

Everything was set according to the way i wanted, I have put so much effort to make this happen so I wasn’t expecting anything lesser than this, i wanted this to be perfect as i didn’t know when i will have such dinner again with my friends and family, my family won’t want to have a friendly dinner with Ethan judging from the hatred they have for him but I wasn’t going to think about that now. My mother has called few minutes ago informing me that they were already close, so we all went outside to wait for them.

The horn of a car got our attention, as we all have been discussing catching up on old times, a smile warm up to my face as I recognize the car that was driving inside the compound once the gate was opened, another car drove behind and of course I knew also who it belongs to. My smile grow ever wider knowing that all my love ones was here with me to welcome home my father so what could possibly go wrong.


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