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Hey guys so sorry this is coming so late, and I know I haven’t been keeping my promise, it all still related to my previous reasons, I so much love to write and quickly complete this story my I have limited time, so I plead with you all should be patient with my.

Please have fun with this episode, I will upload another tomorrow, I won’t break this promise.

Love from me

Joy your Gioia……

And just to let you guys know, I will be adding characters point of view so the story will be more interesting, because it is now entrying the fun part.

Just relax and enjoy.

Peace and love of God be with you all.


Story continues..


Nadia POV

It’s been a week since I agreed to marry Ethan, I was shocked when the word left my mouth, I really can’t tell what went off in my head that moment, maybe it was the adrenaline in me, maybe the fear of my father’s death that made me agree to what he wanted at that moment, but now I just can’t tell if I really want to marry him, not that I regretted what I did because my father has started to get better ever since he was told by his manager that Ethan wasn’t going to seize his company anytime soon, the call came in few minute after I arrived at the hospital from Ethan’s office where I hesitantly signed a contracts, stating that I am to marry him in a month time, he later sent an email stating that because of my father health, he was giving my father a month to hand over the company to him by himself. That was just a cover up because I begged him to keep it a secret until my father gets better, I wasn’t ready to tell him I was getting marriage to his worst nightmare. One month wasn’t want I expected to be given to my father to get better but was what I needed at that moment, one month was all I got from him before the marriage preparation will begin, only then will he drop the case against my father.

The past one week hasn’t be easy on me mostly with the questions my parents, especially my mother has been throwing at me regarding the sudden change of Ethan decision, I don’t know how they came about the suspicion, it wasn’t as if I was the one that past the message from Ethan to them, maybe it was my sudden disappearance from the hospital the day my father was rushed in and then immediately I appear the call came in. But still I couldn’t tell them what was happening, I know they will definitely be unhappy with me when the news comes out but it was the only way at that moment to get my father health back to normal, I was going to break the news to them once my father is discharged and that will be in three days time, since his health is now better than before I suppose he won’t have another heart attack when the news come to him.

I parked my car at the car, stepping out I signed heavily feeling exhausted, it was just half past 6 and yet the weather is still very hot, I was just coming back from the hospital after some little work I went to do at my father’s company, since he has been in the hospital I have took it upon my self to help with the company, after all it will be mine someday hopefully not soon, I walk heading to my room responding to the greeting coming from the maids, all I need right now was a cool bath and my bed, I opened my door and went in, closing it gently I turn around and my eyes was wide open in surprise.

“Surprise”, my two wonderful best friends shouted happily as I just stared at them not exactly believing my eyes, they both rush to me, clutching me in a hug, that I find myself having hard time breathing, “guys, I can’t breath”, I managed to say and they both immediately release me, they were both smiling warmly at me, waiting for me to say something but I just can’t fine the right word to say as I look at both of the wonderful people standing before me, I don’t know what happened but all my emotions that I have tried to buckle up inside my heart came rushing down, I didn’t know I was crying until a hand starts wiping my tear away.

“ hey, what up, why are you crying?”

“ did we do something wrong?”

They both asked with their hands still warped around me, I could see the worried look on there face, this was one thing I love about them they are always concern about me, and I have missed it so much, I shook my head, “ nothing, really, I just miss you guys”

“ ohhhh, come on now child, no more tear, mummy is here now okey” Becky said with her motherly tune, hugging me but not too tightly like before which I have also missed so much

Becky was a few months older than me, and was a law student, she was dark in complexion and I must say it fits her perfectly, she was part of the reason flavour sang BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, she was clam and calculative in nature, always the one that sees the unseen thing in every situation, that why she is studying law, she behaved mostly as the mother in our little group unlike Mike who always likes to annoy me in every given opportunity he sees.

Mike was two years older than i and was studying medicine, he was the funny and the jovial one who always brings fun to our friendship, when you feel sad, Mike was the right person to meet but just as he is funny, don’t be mistaken, he does have a temper, and his also a big brother to I and Becky.

I meet Becky and Mike in my junior secondary school days, then Mike was in senior, Mike and Becky are siblings, so it wasn’t long until I became close to Mike. Even when mike graduated and went to the university that didn’t break our friendship as we went to join him soon making us close again. And they have be the siblings and best friends I could ever hope for.

“ now tell us what we missed?”, said Becky joyfully as she sat me down on the edge of my bed with Mike sitting on the nightstand, I really can’t tell how he always finds there comfortable he always sits there any time he comes to my room, I mean I can’t sit there for three seconds let alone many minutes and hours without my ass hurting, I ignored him and shift my eyes to Becky who is expecting me to say something.

“ well nothing much, just my dad….”

And I told them everything that has happened this past weeks excluding the part of me agreeing to marry Ethan, I don’t know why I refuse to tell them that, we don’t hide things from each other but I just don’t want to let anyone know at least not right now.

“ what the hell” mike cursed standing up now facing I and Becky , he so love cursing “ who in his right senses will do something like that, that guy obviously needs help”.

“ I will agree with you on that”, Becky chipped in, “ he at least should reconsider his decision”

I smile at this, they have always been the one to have my back, i was so happy seeing them defending my again, I have longed for someone I could share my worries with for so long, and am so much happier that finally did,

“ well he won’t want to hear anything”, I told them with my head low, I don’t know but I just don’t feel comfortable hiding so part of the story from them,

“ then i could just knock it inside of him” Mike was angry and I can see that.

I don’t think telling them right now the full story was a good idea.

“ look guys, let just forget about him for now, I just want to be happy for having you guys here right here with me”, I said sincerely, am seriously happy to have them with me and will just want to enjoy the moment with them.

“ yeah you are right, we will leave this talk for later” Becky said warmly squeezing my hand.

“ okey” Mike said rubbing his hand together, “who is up for ice cream” he screams excitedly, lighting the mood.

“oh no you wouldn’t dare” with that we all ran towards the sitting room and into the kitchen with us trying to out run the other, we have this thing to always race each other to get something we all want same moment, and ice cream was something we all love in common, that’s why I don’t fail to have them always at home, we played like kids as we always do as we headed to the kitchen with Mike ahead of us I so wish I could till have such fun with then even after my marriage with Ethan, but for now I will just enjoy the moment.


Mike POV

Seeing Nadia crying was something I hate, I always want to see her smile and happy, so I always do everything to make sure of that, yes I am in love with her, ever since I came to know her, I have been in love with her but she doesn’t know that, did she?. Becky was the only one aware of my feeling towards her and have urge me to tell her but I just can’t do it, I know Nadia wasn’t into any man and wasn’t ready for a relationship, countless time I have tried to bring up topics relating to relationship but she was never interested, so I decided to keep my feelings to myself until I am sure she is ready for that, I wouldn’t want our friendship to be awkward if I tell her my feelings.

I was already worried as to why she was crying but she put my heart to rest once she finally made it clear the reason for her tear and of course I have missed her too.

I and my younger sister Becky just came back from Italy on a two month vacation that we went to, it was a family ritual we always do every once in a year just to make our family bond stronger, no friends, no phone and of course no Internet, just us, my parents, my younger brother and my two lovely sisters. so I or Becky couldn’t keep in touch with Nadia, it was always like that but still I miss her when am not around her.

As I watch Nadia who was so busy with her cup of ice cream, as we all now sat down in the sitting room watching a movie on Netflix, a smile crawl on my face, I always love to see her smile, so that’s why I was still mad at the so called Ethan who has put her through a lot while I was away, I so wish I could punch his f-----g face, I will be so delighted,

I don’t know but I have this strong feeling that there was more to it and Nadia wasn’t telling the full story, but what ever it is I know with tine she will say it out as we hardly keep secrets from each other.


Woah new characters just came up.

What do you guys think of Becky and Mike?.

Do you think with Mike in the picture the wedding between Ethan and Nadia will hold?

Can’t wait to post the next sequence……..

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