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Cont’d from last episode

Man:hello everyone,i believe you all know why you are here,some were forced but that none of my concern,we have quite a large number here,you guys are over 500 in number and we only need 100 of you,so that means only those who pass the training and test will be choosen and those who failed will die….any question

A guy at the front raised up his hand,the man brought out his gun and shot him,a perfect headshot….

Man:lesson number,never ask questions…

He rounded up and we were all divided into seven groups…..

We went through all forms of training,those who failed and those who lost during training were killed….

Three month turned six month,after six month we were not up to 150,i was among those who passed the test…..

Finally we were about leaving the camp,we all lined up as we await the man who spoke to us the day i arrived at the camp….

Man:i’ll like to congratulation those who survived,i’ll happy to tell you that you are now members of “NAMELESS”….

We have seven branches in Nigeria,each branch is controlled by a certain lord…

We have seven lords and seven anchors….All anchors posseses anonimity,the lords recive orders from anchors,we have seven lords namely:








You will be divided into all seven branches under tne leadership of each lord where you will all recieve yoor first assignment…..

We were divided into seven groups,i was in the first group…

we all left the camp in seven group,each group went seperate way,after diving for about an hour,we got to a big gate and our driver drove in,we were ordered to get down…..

Standing before me was a big mansion with armed guards everywhere,we were taking to a hall at the back of the mansion…..

We were told to stand,not long after,a pretty and classy lady in her twenties walked,two guards followed her

Earth Lord:hello everyone,am earth lord,am in charge of the nothern region,from now on you will recieve orders and assignment from me and also report to me……

Let me tell you some of the rules

Firstly,you must not question my orders and every mission must be a success…..

Your membership must be kept as a secret,and lastly if you break any of the organisation rules,the punishment is death……

She snapped and her guards webt out of the hall to bring a bag,they dropped it on the floor……

Take an envelope each,you should all go back home and take a month rest,i’ll call you guys as soon as your break is over,she said and left the hall……

John POV

I was happy when she said that we can all go home…..i never expected to see a young lady as a lord….i stopped a cab and ask him where we are,he told me we were at the outskirt of abuja,i told him to take me to ethaid universith,he frowned and said “oga your money na 10k ooo”…i smiled and told him that i will pay,after driving for about an hour,he got to the school main gate,i alighted and gave him 15k,he thanked me and drive away….i treked to my lodge,and found the door of my room opened,i opened the door and i met three people sitting comfortably and watching television……

guess who they are!!!!

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