Nameless - S01 E09

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I woke up and i found myself in a strange dark room,i was tied to a chair…..i wondered how i got there,i remembered rushing back to my lodge and i slumped as i was about to open my door,so how did i get here…..I called for help but none came….About two hour later,three men opened the door,one of them sat on the chair in my front while the rest stood behind him…..

I raised my head up to ser the face of my abductor but they were all putting on mask,i found my voice and asked

Me:why am here,how did i get here,why did you abduct me

man:chill boy,one question at a time,you will get the answers to all your question…..firstly,we brought you here because we need you,we mean no harm

Me:what did you want from me

Man:like i said earlier we are in need of your services

Me:as how

Man:it simple,we want you to work for us,you once went for military training but you were dismissed

Me:yes,what does that have to do with this

Man:good question,a secret organisation wants you to work for them

Me:what sort of organisation is it

Man:like i said it is a secret organisation which runs both legal and illegal deals/business

Me:illegal deals like

Man:drugs,assasinations and a lot more

Me:am not intersted

Man:you dont have a choice,it a do or die thing

Me:better kill me then

Man:i will gladly do it,he said and brought a 9mm pistol,but let me tell you…your father is in a terrible condition,on the verge of death…he must undergo a surgery in the next three hour else he will die…and am sure that you cant get the #8m for the surgery within that time frame


Man:he chuckled,i see but have you forgotten that your mother asked you to return home because your father is sick…if you join this organisation,they will foot your father hospital bill,pay your hostel rent,and will give you the better life you desire….the choice is yours but i’ll implore you to make a resonable decision…

Me:how sure i am that you will fufill your promises

Man:make a decision now,he said and cocked the gun

Me:i’ll join for my family sake,but that will be after my father surgery…

Man:ok,i will give order for them yo pay for your father surgery… men will bring you food

Me:can o speak with my mom

Man:for now,you cant….eat and try to sleep early,training begins tomorrow


Man:yeah,though you undergone military training,we still need to train you….he said and left the room….

They brought food for me and i devoured it hungrily….

The next day,they came very early in the morning and took me away,they blindfolded me and shoved me into the car,after driving for an hour,the driver killed the engine,we elighted and the removed the blindfold…i look around,we were in the middle of a thick forest,we walked through a small path before reaching an open ground….it was a camp,a lot of people both male and female were there all lined up the man ordered me to join one of the lines…a man came forward and adressed us….

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