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Elvis: what is wrong with you?!(he asked as he pushed her away)

Lizzy: nothing is wrong with me, don’t you feel anything for me?

Elvis: feel what for you?

Lizzy: stop acting as if you don’t understand me!

Elvis: Lizzy go home.

Lizzy: you’re chasing me out of your house?

Elvis: am not chasing you but asking you to go home!

Lizzy: because of that lady that won’t let you be? Her mates are getting married for God’s sake! And a stupid b---h is here looking for a young boy to date.

Elvis: if you ever open that your mouth and call her names again, you’ll hate me, are your mates not getting married and you’re here forcing yourself on a guy, and its none of your business if am dating her and let me tell you this, am the one that wants her, you can’t tell me who to date cause you’re not my father or my mother so please leave!!

Lizzy: okay then bye!(turns and left)

Just as she left, Anita walks in and Elvis thinking that it was still Lizzy turned to shout at her but stood still after he saw her and the both stood there looking at each other, then she interrupted the silence and asked.

Anita: what happened?

Elvis: nothing.

Anita: is your sister around?

Elvis: nop, she left.

Anita: oh, i should have called her first.

Elvis: maybe..

Anita: bye then.. (Turns to live)

Elvis: wait!..

Anita: what is it?

Elvis: nothing i just want to apologize for walking out on you.

Anita: it’s okay, you were just angry.

Elvis: thanks.

Anita: welcome, we’ll see later then.

Elvis: yeah….(she left the house and closed the door)

Two days later Elvis got to school and George asked him.

George: is it true?

Elvis: what?

George: are you really dating our teacher?

Elvis: which teacher?

George: stop pretending nah!

Elvis: i really don’t understand you!

George: the news have gone around the school o, the headmistress might expel you and our biology teacher will stop teaching here.

Elvis: what?! Who spread this rubbish?

George: no one knows.

Elvis: I’ll be back.(He ran to Anita’s office but didn’t see her, the door was locked, he ran to the class, picked his bag and gave the gateman excuses and left the school, he got home that day and didn’t bother to go into their house and went into Anita’s place and barged into her room and saw her Sitting down on her bed with her head thrown back)

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