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Nicklaus pushed open the door of a mansion and entered.

He was shocked to see that every single thing in the place was the same with the one back at Kepler.

Did the council bring his mansion down here to this place? Ridiculous.

Well it was better than leaving him on the street to start a new life.

He was actually lamenting on the problem Morgana had cause when he noticed the mansion in front of him.

He decided to check it out only to discover it was his private home back at Kepler.

“Home sweet home”. Nicklaus said walking in.

He bounced through the stairs and looked down on the living room.

“The Council thought sending me down to earth will make me forgive Morgana so i can return, fvcking idiots, feed yourself with my royal status, care not about it”. He said entering into the qkitchen.

Then the thoughts of Elisa hits him and he sat on a chair with a solemn face.

“I Hope all is well with her, i won’t be there to protect her again”. He said and covered his mouth.

“Stay safe Elisa, i know you can’t hear me sister but always remember that i love you and will go everything to protect you but not this time, the only way I can return is to fall in love with Morgana, that i can and will never do, i saw what you did at the court, can’t express my happiness, everyone will be scared of you and if anyone tries to do shit always give the shitty scream right to their face “. Nicklaus said and chuckled as tears formed in his eyes.

” I’ll miss you Elisa “. He whispered cleaning the tears in his eyes.


Morgana noticed the building in front of her and stared at it with keen interest.

She opened the gates and walked in.

“How was someone able to build a house exactly as the one i had in Amazon”. She thought.

She pushed open the door and walked through the corridor.

Everything in the building it was hers, the council are d--n crazy.

She kicks open the door of her room and entered.

“If the council think sending me down here will change shit then they’re wrong , i give no d--n about my princess self, I’ll just start a new life and…”. She said and jumped on her giant bed.

“Be the badass girl i was”.. She chuckled loudly.


Elisa could be seen staring at the skies from her window as she sobbed gently.

“I know you’re someplace in the galaxy, trying to cope with where they have taken you to..It’s not up to an hour Nicklaus and am missing you already… I know you too well Nicklaus you won’t forgive Morgana and i can’t change that…wherever you are, stay safe now that you’re immortal..don’t get into trouble because i don’t want to lose you…in whatever direction this goes.. I know one day I’ll get to see that cute face of yours once again “. She said and sniffed.

” I know it will be hell now that everyone knows i have hidden powers but you need not to worry me, worry about your self Klaus and always remember when everyone hates you Elisa will always love you “. She said and burst into tears.

” Shania loves him too “. Elisa heard a voice and turned back slowly.

” What do you want Shania? “. Elisa asked.

” Just want to apologize for what I did earlier today.. I thought Nicklaus was a cruel been but after all he did for you today i know we his haters are the cruel being, am missing his presence in the Palace already “. Shania said and tears formed in her eyes.

Elisa drew her close and hugged her tightly.


Nicklaus was woken up but the noise of the electric bell on the door.

He rubbed his eyes and opened the door.

” Hold on! “. He shouted wondering who could be at his door this morning.

He just got here, meaning no one knew him and he could swear with his life that it was not Morgana.

If it was her then she catalyze her death wish because he was going to kill her when he set his eyes on her. They weren’t mortal again so immortality goodbye.

He opened the door and was shocked to see the person standing in front of him.

“Abruzzi!”. He shouted.

“Hello boss”. Abruzzi said.

Nicklaus pulled him in and grabbed his neck to the wall.

“How did you get here?”. He Asked.

“council implementing the law, the guards of the prince and princess sent down to continue their works”. Abruzzi said..

“You idiot i trusted you and i killed you didn’t I?”. Nicklaus asked releasing him from his grip.

“Your sword missed vital organs i guess and the healed me”. Abruzzi said.

“You made a big mistake coming back here because am gonna kill you right away”. Nicklaus said.

“I know my prince, i deserve it and i know how you loved your sister sister so much but your father was gonna kill me if i didn’t”. Abruzzi said.

“That’s no excuse for trying to kill Elisa”. Nicklaus shouted wanting to grab him.

“Am sorry my prince but you felt the bullet didn’t you, it was fake bullets, i did it for her so if you didn’t show up but you did “. Abruzzi said.

Nicklaus tapped him on the shoulder and smiled softly.

“So good to have you back Abruzzi, how was my sister before you left?”. Nicklaus asked climbing the stairs with Abruzzi.

“She’s now a celebrity you know, news of her powers is traveling round Kepler, she’s in safe hands”.

“Good to know, I hope you’ll be loyal now that am mortal”. Nicklaus asked.

“Am always at your service my prince, always and forever”.

“Good, i don’t have my powers down here doesn’t mean that i don’t remember all combat techniques father thought me back then i can still kill you with my bare hands”. Nicklaus said and they laughed.

“So What do you intend to do next prince?”. Abruzzi asked lighting a cigar for Klaus.

He collected it and took in the smoke.

He puffed out the smoke and turned to Abruzzi.

“Checked all the treasures and money i kept in the house and they’re all a new currency.

Spent my night doing research on this place and discovered the council had converted my treasures and money to South Korean won”.

Nicklaus said.

“What’s that?”. Abruzzi asked.

“That’s the currency used here, the council made everything easy for me”. Nicklaus said laughing.

“i think you’ll need a maid boss, you know am not a good cook”. Abruzzi said.

“Good idea Abruzzi, Just find anyone who wants the job and I’ll interview them”. Nicklaus said.

“You’re the Boss my prince”. Abruzzi said and left.


“Good to have you here Evelyn”. Morgana said walking into the kitchen.

“The council had to choose between Damon and I, finally chose me”. A Young Lady who was doing the dishes replied.

“Don’t do anything silly down here Evelyn, the fact that I don’t have power…”. Morgana said and raised her skirt up.

Around her lap was a gun in a pink holster.

“Notify me when you’re done”. Morgana said and walked away.

She pushed open the door and walked out of the house.

She closed her eyes feeling the wind pass through her skin.

She opened her eyes as she felt a presence.

There’s was a young man standing at her front..

“Hey alien babe”. He Said and she recognized him immediately.

“I only asked for your help last night so if you would, take your leave with immediate effect”. Morgana said licking her lips.

“You know babe i admire your beauty and….”.

Morgana pulled out the gun under her skirt and kissed it.

“No one sees me naked and leave to tell the story”. She Whispered and his eyes opened wide.

He took to his heel running as fast as he could.

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