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Morgana tucked the gun into her holster and frowned.

“Gosh! Korean dudes are f-----g annoying, if this was Kepler, they saw it as nothing even if seeing the princess naked was the last thing they do”. She thought.

She jingled her Keys as he cat walks into the garage.

There was a hell lot of flashy cars but she seem not to be impressed, preferred a jet to land transport.

She hoped in banged the door close, she reversed the car speedily and plunged her leg on the accelerator.

She drove so fast that she snubbed all traffic signal, she drift off her lane and two vehicles collide.

She took a sum of money and flung it out of the window.

“That for the fvcking damage”. She shouted.

She stopped by a boutique and bought lot of cloths.

“Fvcking outdated cloths, wore something classic at Kepler, i guess I’ll have to put on this grand ma cloth”. She said.

She paid for the dress she but and rolled the trolley away.

She paused as she saw a man staring at her exposed lap.

“Such an idiot”. She spat out.

“What did you say?”. The man said holding her back.

“Just get your hands off me and you’ll get to see my as* while i walk out, b---h”. She said.

“You’re a s--t, ain’t you “. He Asked.

Morgana gasped and bite her lips.

“Yeah,one you’ll which you never met”. Morgana said and before anyone could dictate what was happening.

She kicked him on the crotch and he screamed dropping to his knees.

She collected the bottle of milk he was holding and emptied the content on his hair.

“Cute, you look honey”. She said wanting to walk away.

“Why did you do that to my Dad?”. Asked a little girl.

“What’s your name pretty?”. Morgana

“Min Ho”. She replied.

“Just like your name you look mean”. Morgana said and pushed the trolley away.

She stopped and turned back.

“Well Mean Hu or Ho whatever you call you, your dad stared at a forbidden fruit you know”. Morgana said and threw one of the dress for the little girl.

“Clean him up and get a doctor to replace his balls if i might have broken one”. Morgana said and pushed the trolley away.

She stopped by her car and transferred the dress into it.

She Entered Into her car and made to drive when someone stood at the front of her vehicle.

She opened the door and walked out.

“Get away before i crush that chicken ? legs of yours”. She shouted.

“That’s her”. Morgana heard a voice and turned back.

There was the little Min Ho and a cop walking toward her.

“Mean Ho did you have problem replacing your father’s balls?” “. Morgana asked with a silly smile.

” Excuse me ma’am “. The Cop said.

” Excuse me super man “. Morgana said.

” You may have to…. “.

Morgana cuts him sharply.

” I may have to pay for balls transfer right?”.

She Entered Into her car and flung out a bunch of money.

“That will do, bye Mean Ho”. She said and drove away speedily.

Morgana increased the volume of the radio as she hit the road.

In Just a minute she arrived home and parked the car in the garage.

Evelyn arrived a trolley and they transferred the cloths there.

She pushed it away while Morgana followed after her.

“Earth is so annoying”. Morgana said running her hand though through her hair.

“You ran into some troubles ma’am?”. Evelyn asked.

“probably broke the balls of a jerk and the daughter brought a Rescuer, of whom i paid some amount for balls transfer”. Morgana said.

“Did you say Rescuer?”. Evelyn asked.

“Yeah, a random dude on black outfit, white gloves, curvy Cap with a logo”. Morgana said and Evelyn paused.

“Get moving Evelyn”.

“Did you say Logo?”.

“Yeah. Any problem with that”. Morgana asked.

“That’s a serious problem Ma’am, They’re called cops and they make sure laws are enforced”. Evelyn said.

“So those shit called police on planet earth truly existed? Well what the f*UK can they do”.

“This isn’t Kepler ma’am, they’ll fine you and you’ll pay whatever fine they request or they lock you behind bars”. Evelyn said.

“Got lot of money Evelyn”. Morgana said.

“Money can’t bail you sometimes ma’am, more reason you should be careful with that gun”. Evelyn said as they continued walking.

“You didn’t come here alone did you?”. Morgana asked.

“Abruzzi, Klaus’ guard was sent down with me “.

“And you know they’re present location don’t you”. Morgana asked.

“Yes ma’am i….”.

“You thought what you b---h!”. Morgana shouted.

“Thought you wanted to start a new life”.

“Not until I send the bastard to his grave”.

“For not telling me about it earlier your punishment goes thus, you clean up this and prepare a new meal”. Morgana walking said toward the large table made of glass.

Only if she knew it wasn’t an ordinary glass.

She kicked it with the aim to scatter the meal all over the ground but she screamed out holding her foot.

“D--n! It hurts, it’s painful”. Morgana shouted sitting on the foot.

She pulled off her heels and massaged her foot.

“You idiot go get me some ice”. Morgana screamed at Evelyn who was trying hard to conceal her laugher.


Nicklaus walked out of the room in a black suit and a trouser.

He screamed out feeling a pain on his foot.

“Hey boss are you alright?”. Abruzzi asked running up to him.

“Yeah, a pain from nowhere hits my foot”. Nicklaus said.

“Maybe she hits her foot against something”. Abruzzi said.

“Who? What do you mean?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Ops! Guess the council didn’t tell you, you and Morgana’s body are kind of bonded now, she feel whatever pain you feel and she feels whatever pain you feel”. Abruzzi said.

“That means if i kill her, i die too, f*vk the council, how could try do this?”. Nicklaus shouted.

“You have to calm down prince the employees are here?”. Abruzzi said.

Nicklaus gasped and walked down the stairs in anger.

He was angry at the council to have bind his body and that of Morgana.

Now he couldn’t hurt her.

He was shocked to see a hell lot of people.

” I only want one person Abruzzi “. Nicklaus said.

“Boss you can’t believe As soon as I rose the notice people began to troop in”. Abruzzi said laughing.

“You’re crazy Abruzzi, how do you expect me to interview this crowd”. Nicklaus shouted.

“Am sorry boss”.

“And what are this male forks doing?”. Nicklaus said.

“They said they were good at making dishes”. Abruzzi said.

“Now I need all male folks to leave this place before i blow off your heads”. Nicklaus said.

Abruzzi helped in sending out the males and now it was ladies only.

“How many left Abruzzi?”. Nicklaus asked.

“fifty boss”. Abruzzi replied.

“If your age is below thirty get the hell outta here”. Nicklaus shouted.

Some of the women left and Klaus turned to Abruzzi.

“Twenty left boss”.

“If you’re not on mini skirts get out”. Nicklaus shouted.

Abruzzi helped to push out some stubborn ladies that refused to leave.

“Easy as hell boss, ten left”.

“Shut the hell up!”. Klaus shouted.

Klaus marched toward the lady and scanned her body with his eyes.

“What’s your name?”. He Asked.

“Chung Cha”. She replied full of smiles.

“Chu.. Chun… Oh d--n, that sound difficult, get the hell out of my Empire”. Nicklaus said.

The lady left angrily.

“Next?”. He Said And the lady walked forward.

“You ain’t below 30, are you?”. He Asked And the lady nods negatively.

“No, i just want the job”. She said.

“Get this b---h out Abruzzi “. Nicklaus said.

Abruzzi carried her away and she kept kicking into the air trying to break free from his grip.

“There’s someone in the you’ll like to meet boss”. Abruzzi said as he returned Nicklaus walked out and was shocked to see Morgana walking in through the gate.

She pulled out the gun under her skirt and pointed it at him.

Abruzzi pulled out his gun and pointed it at her toe.

“retreat Abruzzi”. Klaus said and he obeyed.

“We ain’t immortal again you know, right now you’re at my mercy”. Morgana said.

“You think so, well the council forget to tell something important”. Nicklaus said and took the knife in his suit.

He cut himself on the on his palm and Morgana screamed dropping the gun.

Her palm was bleeding so as that of Klaus.

“Our bodies were bonded to share same pain now, so whatever pain i feel, you got your fvcking share and if i die, you die”. Nicklaus said and she groaned angrily.

“But nevertheless am gonna make you suffer down here on earth, i don’t have to kill you since were bonded you know but i can make earth a hell for you”. He spat out and she burst into laughter.

“when am done with you Klaus, you’ll seek my mercy, something you’ll never find”. She said and left angrily.

Nicklaus returned back to the living room to continue his interview.

“Sorry for the interruption, just a crazy kangaroo hoping around, so next?”. Nicklaus said and a young beautiful lady walked forward.

Nicklaus licked his lips as his eyes scanned through her body.

“You got a name, don’t you?”. He Asked placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Myung Hee”. She replied.

“she’s disqualified right? The name sounds like that of a missing ghost”. Abruzzi said.

“Shut up Abruzzi or I’ll serve you your tongue “.

” Sorry boss “.

” So Tell Me what meal can you cook? “. Nicklaus whispered caressing her neck with his fingers.

” Um… Kimchi, Samgyeopsal, Daeji Bulgogi, Haejangguk, Sundubu Jjigae, Hoeddeok”. She was saying when Klaus cuts in.


“What’s she muttering?”. Klaus said.

“Honestly boss i got no idea”..

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