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Raguel was tossed hard to the ground when they arrived at the demons camp, he screamed in pains, but the demons could care less, they tie both Elena and Raguel up and left the room.

Elena sob contionusly, she was so scared, but not because of the demons surrounding them, but she was scared for her soulmate.

His cry of pains cut deep into her, and she wished there was something she could do to stop the pain.

She could not even reach for him to comfort him because her hands was tied up and she was a little far from Raguel, she just watched Raguel trying to contain his pain,

Raguel managed to look at Elena whose eyes were swollen from crying, he wanted to say something to her, but he could not form any words from his mouth.

The pain he was in was too much for him to even struggle to free himself.

“Am so sorry” Raguel managed to whisper

There is nothing to be sorry about, Elena said sternly

I was suppose to protect you, Raguel said feeling guilty, because he could not take his soulmate to safety, he was not able to look at Elena in the eyes.

Look at me, Elena ordered him,

Raguel slowly lifted his head to meet Elena’s eyes

None of this is your fault, she said,

but Raguel was shaking his head and he tried to argue with the statement Elena made, he wanted to tell her it was his fault that they were in this situation right now, only if he was faster to get them out of there none of this would have happen.

Don’t do that to yourself, Elena said, don’t blame yourself for any of this

Its not your fault, she said, we are in this together, and I love you

Tears slipped down Raguel’s face, I love you too he whispered

Raguel was trying everything possible to keep his eyes open, he knows he will loose consciousness soon, and he was finding it hard to keep talking,

He tried to calm his breath down so his mind could be settled, because he had just one person to call.

Ralph, Raguel called out through the “Angels whisper” the connection seems shaking because of his injury and is mind is not settled but he tried again, because he knew Raphael is the only one who could help them out of this situation.

Ralph! He called out again

Raguel, Raphael answered immediately

Raguel wanted to dance for joy that Raphael heard him

He concentrated so hard in order to get his message to Raphael

“I need your help”, Raguel said breathing heavily, because it was hard trying to keep the connection between himself and Raphael because of his current situation

What happened, where are you?

De…mons, I and Raguel said, barely able to say the words clearly

“Hurry” he said and he lost the connection, because he could not hold on to it any longer

He shot a glance at Elena, who was watching him,

She gave him a weak smile

Close your eyes Raguel, you need to rest she said

Raguel wanted to argue with her, but she shook her head

Baby, you need to get your strength back, just rest

Raguel finally gave up, because he knew he would be useless without his strength, he just hope Raphael find them fast.

Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx. Xxxxxx

After Raguels connection went off, Raphael tried to contact him back but he could not reach him

“Thats means Raguel is seriously injured” he whispered to himself,

He suddenly panicked, because if Raguel was injured in the demons territory, it only means him and his soulmate were in grave danger.

Raphael rushed out quickly, he was not even looking at where he was going and he ran into samael.

Hey, there samael said studying the terrified expression on his friends face.

What’s wrong? He quickly asked

Raguel and his soulmate was taking by the demons, he needs help and he is seriously injured Raphael said still in his panicked state.

He wanted to pushed pass Samael, but Samael held him back

Wait, you can just go looking for him like that, without any plan samael said

I don’t know what to do am so scared for Raguel and his soulmate Raphael said trying to hold back his tears

He looked up at samael with expectations

Will you help me out? I know you said you don’t want to get involved in this, but am begging to help me save my son, please he added

I did not plan to let you go on your own into the demons territory samael said,

Of course I will help you samael added

Raphael blinked back the tears that was threating to fall from his eyes

“Thank you” Raphael managed to say

Thats what friends do, samael said

But before we go into the demons territory to rescue Raguel and his soulmate we need a plan

and not only that but someone needs to be involved with this rescue mission

Raphael looked at samael with a questioning eyes

Come on, we got people to save, Samael said ignoring the questioning looks in Raphael’s eyes.

Xxxxx. Xxxxx. Xxxxxxx

Elena watched Raguel silently, and tiredly she tried getting some sleep, but she was very restless because even though Raguel’s was asleep,

His soft whimpers of pain, makes it harder for Elena to get any rest,

Raguel’s wings was still out in the open because of the tear in it, Elena wished she could run her fingers through the tear in his wings she sigh softly and closed her eyes,

she heard the door to the room clicked open, she snapped her eyes opened and watched a demon stroll in with smug look on his face, she watched the demon as he moved around the room and stopped in front of Raguel

The demon kicked Raguel at his side making him scream in pain

Stop hitting him! Elena shouted

The demon shot her evil look and kicked Raguel again

I promise you, I will kill you! Elena yelled at the demon

She did not even know why she say that, but she does not care, all she wants is for the demon to stop hitting her Angel.

I will love to see you try, The demon said grinning evily as he walked out of the room.

Raguel, Elena called out trying to get his attention

Am fine, Raguel said

You are not fine, Elena said with tears running down her face

Elena, Raguel whispered,

Elena jerked her up, and looked at her Angel.

They are coming, Raguel whispered, I can feel it, they are close by he added

Who is coming? Elena asked, giving Raguel a questioning look but before Elena could ask him to explain further she saw bright light around the room

Angels! She whispered, she quickly recongised Raphael standing with two other Angels,

Raphael rushed quickly to her side and pulled the chain free from her hands with ease,

Elena wasted no time in making her way to Raguel, the door to the room was ripped out of its hinges with demons tripping in.

The Angels in the room, started fighting, Elena was at Raguel sides with Raphael who was healing Raguels wings

Elena sighted the demon that hit Raguel, she quickly stood up, and clenched her fist, her face was very fierce, she made her way through the crowd of demons who were surrounded by Angels,

she grab hold of the demon who yelped in surprise from the sudden attack, Elena drag him through the crowd and shoved him hard to the ground,

She kicked, him with so much force, making the demon scream in pains

NO ONE TOUCHES MY SOULMATE! Elena shouted and planted her fist into the demon, and snapped his neck, which killed the demon instantly

Elena felt no remorse, for killing a demon who tortured her Angel

Raguel watched everything that happen between his soulmate and demon, he smiled softly not because Elena killed the demon, but because she has start revealing the other side of her

Elena rushed back to his side, his wings was healed already but he has not fully regain his strength

We need to get going, one of the Angels announced,

Raugel can you fly with your wings? Raphael asked softly

No, am too weak to fly he said

Okay, I will give you a lift Raphael said,

Samael you take Elena with you, Elena was reluctant at first, because she does not want to leave Raguel’s side

Raphael looked at samael who was frozen, and staring at Elena, he saw something in the way samael was staring at Elena, but he knows this is not the right place or the right time to think about it.

Samael! He called out, take Elena now

Samael quickly wrapped his hand around Elena and Raphael wrapped his hands around Raguel

Michael, let’s go now, Raphael said to the other Angel.

All the demons in the room were lying defeated and helpless some of them were dead,

The Angels flashed their wings and left the camp of the demons in victory.

To Be Continued...

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