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When they arrived at the warehouse, Raguel fell unconscious again because he was weak even though his wings were healed.

Elena sat close to Raguel, she was not bother about any demon invading their premises because it was surrounded by the Angels who helped them at the demons zone

Elena noticed, that the Angel, Raphael referred to as Samael always stare at her, she remembers when the Angel wrapped his hands around her, she felt a connection with him, she wonders why, because she knows she has never meet the Angel before.

She glance at samael side, their eyes meet, and she saw something in his eyes like ” longing”

She did not understand it, why would they be longing in his eyes, Elena gave up and avereted her eyes and stare at her soulmate.

Am sure what I saw cannot be longing she said to herself

Elena, Raphael called her, pulling her out of her thought

She turned to look at Raphael with a small smile on her face

Do you want anything to drink? Raphael asked softly

Just a bottle of water please, she said

I will go get, samael said quickly

Both Elena and Raphael glanced at him, but samael hurriedly left the room

Raguel stirred making Elena to look at him, Raguel slowly opened his eyes and smile softly at Elena

Hey, Raguel said with a smile

Hi, Elena said with a bright smile, she missed his voice.

How are you feeling? She asked

Much better, Raguel said getting up from his lying position,

He pulled Elena into his arms, and kissed her softly on the lips, he did not care who was watching them.

Am glad you are safe, he murmured into her shoulder

Am glad we are safe, Elena said pulling back a little and kiss Raguel and she hugged him tightly.

She was really scared when his wings was damaged, she could only imagine the pain he was in

Raguel spotted Raphael standing at the corner of the room, watching them, with a smile, Raguel pulled out of Elena’s hand, he stood up and made his way to Raphael, who pulled him into a hug immediately Raguel came in front of him.

Thank you Raphael, Raguel said

Am just glad that you and your soulmate are okay, I was really scared when the connection you made broke off and I was not able to reach you

We should also be thankful to Samael, he helped a lot and he was the one who brought Michael with us, Raphael added

Where is he? Raguel said

But before, Raphael could answer, Samael came in with a bottle of water for Elena

Here, he said to Elena, who only just noticed that Samael standing in front of her

Thank you, she said softly

How are you feeling? Samael asked Elena

Am doing good, she said and with that Samael left her to drink her water.

Raphael was watching Samael’s interaction with Elena, he was really surprise, that Samael talked to her, and even offered to bring her water,it was very unusual, because Samael does not make small talk, he is always quite and reserved, and does not really talk, unless spoken to, but asking Elena about how she was faring, it totally not Samael

Raguel has also noticed samael has been staring at Elena

Raguel left Raphael side and went up to meet Samael

Hey, Raguel said, but Samael did not seem to notice him, because he was staring at Elena,

Raguel followed his gaze and traced it to Elena,

Why is Samael staring at my soulmate like that, he thought to himself, he noticed something in the way Samael was staring at Elena, he just could not figure it out because Samael’s expression was not readable

Raguel tap Samael gently, making Samael to snap out of his intense staring

Hey Raguel, Samael said strengthening himself

Raguel was looking at him, and not saying anything, Samael was a bit nervous, as if he was caught stealing something.

Do you want something? Samael asked because Raguel was still staring at him and was yet to say anything.

Yes, I just wanted to thank you, for your help

Thats no problem, am really glad I helped, Samael said as he stare back at Elena when he said the last part.

Raguel thanked Michael as well and he went back to meet with his soulmate

Elena wrapped her hands around him, and kissed his cheek softly

I saw what you did to that demon, Raguel said, after few minutes of silence,

Elena look up at Raguel’s face to see him grinning at her

I don’t even know what gave me the strength, to do what I did, but I was so angry with that demon for hitting you, she said softly.

I would have done the same or a lot more if I were you, Raguel said smiling, he also remembered before they were captured how Elena knocked a demon out, in her room.

Maybe you are starting to exhibit your strength from the other part of yourself, Raguel said to Elena

Elena looked at him clearly confused about the statement Raguel made.

You know you are not entirely human, Raguel added, maybe your other side is trying to surface

Elena has totally forgot about her not be entirely human, I think you might be right she said, because normally I could never have done what I did she said softly

Raguel kissed her forehead, I love you he said

I love you too Elena replied with a smile and rested her head on Raguel’s shoulder.

*** ** *****

Raphael watched the display of affection between Raguel and his soulmate, he smile broadly at them before he made his way to where Samael was standing and he noticed he has a tiny smile on his lips and he was also watching Raguel and Elena.

Raphael wasted no time in approaching Samael he needed explanation for Samael

Behavior Samael, Raphael called softly in order no to startle him, because he seem to be in his little own world, but Samael did not respond

Samael! Raphael called again, but this time with a little force, snapping Samael out of his stare

Hey Ralph, Samael said

Raphael did not respond to him, as he continue to stare at stare st Samael

Samael tilted his head in confusion, do you want to say something to me? Samael said look at his friend with questioning eyes

You tell me, Raphael said, do you have something to tell me, he asked

I don’t understand what you are saying Samael gave him a confused frown

You have been staring at Elena ever since we rescued them from the demons, Raphael said as he crossed is hand round his chest .

I have an explanation to that, Samael said looking around to see if anybody was listening to their conversation, because he did not want to take the risk of anybody hearing what he had to say, he gently pulled Raphael outside.

Rhaphel was still wating for Samael to speak, but it seem that Samael was unable to form a word out of his mouth.

Raphael sigh softly and rested his hand on Samael’s shoulder

Talk to me Samael, what is it? Raphael said looking at Samael who seemed to relax a bit

He watched as Samael took a deep breath before he spoke

“Elena is my daughter”

Raphael was shocked to hear this, he was dumbfounded , he opened is mouth to say something but he could not get the words out

How? Raphael managed to say

Samael shook his head, Rhaphel could see his eyes forming tears, he wrapped his hand around his friend.

Samael lost it and sob on his friend shoulder,

She look so much like her mother, he whispered softly, still in tears

have been looking for my daughter for years now, he added, now that I found her I can’t even hold her in my hands Samael said as he continue to cry,

After few minutes he pulled out of the hug and wipped the tears from his eyes.

Raphael looked at his friend, he felt sorry for him, he has never seen Samael this broken before,

Seeing my daughter now, made me know why I could no longer sense her Samael said making Raphael snapped his head towards Samael

What do you mean? Raphael asked

I always sense my daughter before, I knew she was very unique when she was born, but right now she is under a spell, thats why I lost her, because I could no longer sensed her presence.

Raphael was really shocked from hearing this,

Is that the reason why her Angelic powers as not surfaced yet? Raphael asked because now he knows Samael is Elena fathers, it now very obvious that she is half human and half Angel.

Yes Samael replied, I promise I will tell you everything to how Elena is my daughter, but first we have to look for a way to break the spell from her.

I believe everything you just said, Raphael said, he has not reason to doubt Samael’s words

We will look for a way to break the spell, Raphael said with a determined look

Thank you, samael said

You always help me when I need you, and now that you need me I will not turn my back at you, Raphael said smiling at his friend, the one person he trusted.

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