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name mentioned as

the Adekoya

relatives in this

Chapter is just the

author’s imagination,

any resemblance to

anybody weather

living or dead is

highly fictitious.

Thank you.

Charles POV:

I sigh in exasperation.

Simon dead, Rita dead

and now Sophia is


This is the most

trilling case I have

ever investigated

since I join the FBI.

Most of the case I

have investigated

started badly but

ends on a smooth

runs, but with the

look of things this

case will be very

trivial and difficult.

My phone started and

I saw its was Samuel


“Hello Charles get a

biro and piece of

paper I’m about to

call out the

Adekoya’s, both the

ones living in


I quickly pull out a

biro and piece of

paper ready to jot

down.( U can join me


“Ok Sam I’m ready.”

Rita —– found

dead on the road in

Ikorodu Lagos.



dead in her bathroom,

Manchester, England.



Lives in Chadni

Chowk India, owns a




in Lille France, still


Mrs Adekoya——El

derly wife of Mr

Adekoya, lives in

Ikotun Lagos



lives in San Diego

United States of

America, still


Mary Adekoya—–

Lives in Miami United

States of America,

still schooling



ives in Southampton

England, still




ounger brother of Mr

Adekoya lives in

Sabon gari Kano




Second wife of Mr

Adekoya lives in

Akoko West Ondo



Adekoya——- Last

wife of Mr Adekoya

lives in Mowe Ogun




Lives in Munich

Germany, still


“That’s all bro.” He


The Adekoya’s are

much, and most of

them live abroad, we

need alert everyone

of them.

“Wow thanks alot bro,

this will help alot.”

“Oh I forgot to

include Mr Adekoya.”

“Never mind bro he’s

my key of getting the

serial killer.”

“You think he knows


“Let’s say its a

maybe but we have

to investigate deeper

into this case.”

“Ok bro it’s already

late go home and

take a rest.” I

checked my watch

which says 09:02.

Geez I was Soo

engrossed in this

case I did not realize

it was already late.

I have house in

Badagry where my

wife and children

lives, they are going

to be happy to see


“Ok bro thanks alot,

tomorrow we are

leaving for England,

Sophia Adekoya was

found dead in her


“Ok bro goodnight, till

tomorrow then.”

I hung up and got up,

grab my car keys,

switch off the light in

my office and slip

out of the building.

I walk to where my

car was parked,

hooting of owls and

cries of bats filled

the eerie street

sending chill down my

spine, a black cat ran

down a dark alley.

But I did not notice

all this as my head

was processing two








I got in my car as I

turn the key in the

ignition, the car

roared back to life

as I drive through the

silent street.

“Daddy!!!!!!!!.” My two

kids jump at me as I

step in the compound



“Wow, I have missed

my little princess and


Joe is Seven years

and really really


Hannah is three years

old, shy and timid.

I carry the both of

them In arms into the

house as they

giggled happily.

“Where’s your mum.” I

ask as soon as we

enter the sitting room.

“She’s in the kitchen

preparing dinner.” Joe

answered quickly.

“Ok you two go

continue what you

are doing let me see

your mom, I’m going

to read you two a

bedtime story.”

They jump happily, I

went to the kitchen

to see my wife,

Rachel James, stirring

a pot of stew on a

cooker, beads of

sweat form on her


I slowly slip behind

her, encircle my hand

around her waist

before planting a kiss

on her neck.

She jerk back in a

shock as she turn

around to see me

grinning at her.

“My God Charles, why

did you do that, you

scared me.”

I chuckled. “Just

missed you dear.” I

said and pull her

close to me before

kissing her

passionately, slidding

my tongue into her

mouth and wrapping

my hand around her

tiny waist.

She pushed me back.

“Charles don’t let the

stew I’m cooking to

get burnt.”

He laughed. “I missed

you my love.”

“I missed you more


“Ok I should leave

you now, so you can

prepare dinner in

time.” I was already

walking out of the

kitchen when she

called me.

“When we are through

eating, we need to


She said a worried

look on her face, our

discussion isn’t

gonna be good.

We finished eating

and I tucked the

children to bed

reading them a

bedtime story till they

both drift to sleep.

Now Rachel and I was

lying on the couch in

the sitting room, her

head was resting on

my chest as I wrap

my hand around her.

It has been quite a

while since I held her

like this and I missed

every moment.

“You said you want

to discuss something

with me, what’s that?.”

She raised her head

from my chest to

look at me and there

was a sad look on

her face.

“Charles you have to

drop this case.”

I took me a while to

register what she

meant. “You mean the

Adekoya’s case.”

“Yes, Charles the

serial killer you are

on the hunt for is

very dangerous and

killing is isn’t new to

him/her, if you keep

on going deep into

this matter he will

want to harm you.”

D--n it, why didn’t I

see this coming, my

wife and I has never

have this kinda

discussion before,

why now??.

“Rachel listen, just as

the serial killer is

trained, so am I and I

know the risk in this,

so I will also protect


“What about us?.”

She ask and I froze.

“What do you mean?.”

I ask.

“If you can save

yourself from the

Serial killer what

about us?.”

“You think he’s going

to come for you…..for

the kids?.”

She didn’t reply to

this, she just avert

her gaze so I

wouldn’t see the

tears that are now

threatening to fall.

I turn her face back

to me and said in a

soft voice. “Rachel, I

will never let anything

or anybody not even

the Serial killer harm

you or the kids,

that’s a promise my


She hugged me and

we remain like that till

sleep took over.

“Your passport is

ready, we are leaving

as soon as possible.”

Samuel said as soon

as we step in the

Police HQ.

“Samuel I need to talk

to the Chief Security

inspector in England


“Ok bro.” He dialed

the number and hand

the phone over to


At the third ring he

received the call.

“Hello this is Daniel

Brooks from the

England Security

Force, who am I

speaking with?.”

“Hello this is Charles

James, FBI Detective

Agent in Nigeria base,

please a crime was

committed in



“Yes exactly, we are

standing in front of

the apartment now,

we got a call that

similar bodies were

found in this state.”

“Yes and I’m the

Detective in charge

of the case, please

send a message to

the airports in

England, nobody

come in and nobody

go out from England,

there is a probability

that the killer is still

in England.” I


“Hmm, you are right Mr

James when are you

going to arrive in

England to

investigate the body.”

“Since it’s a Six

hours flight I will get

to England by 06:12,

that’s if the weather

is friendly.”

“Ok Mr James we are

expecting you.”

“Thanks Mr Brooks.”

I turn to Samuel and

said. “Let’s head to


We finally got to

Manchester in

England around 07:11

and we got to

Sophia’s apartment.

I met Mr Brooks and

other England

officers there.

“Nice meeting you Mr

Brooks.” I shook the

white man.

“And you too Mr

James, you should go

up there and

investigate the body.”

“Ok thanks Mr


Samuel and I got in

Sophia apartment and

as soon as we got in

I noticed something,

the room was


“I think Sophia got in

a fight with our killer.”

I said. “Let’s go see

the body.”

We got in Sophia’s

bathroom and saw

her corpse lying on

the floor.

The towel she was

tying around her

waist loose lightly

exposing her breast.

“Well let’s……….” I was

saying when I


My face turn white

with fear as I read

what was written on

the white tiles wall, it

was written in red



CHARLES……….my wife.

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