Hell Gate - S01 E05

2 months ago

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Finale episode

I was

about to enter inside my car with my bodyguards,

when a man of God called my attention.

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, and

the end is of destruction, the Lord asked

me to warn you” he said, he is tryna warn me

to help those who almost ruined my life.

“have you heard of the man who have

been to hell Gate?” he shake his head

with surprise, I don’t want to be pitied

and am in hurry to go to a meeting, I left

him, with my team we were able to terminate

the virus from the country but there is this

case of a young boy reported to me that

the virus have affected him, the little

child is the son of the Jezebel who orchestrated

the bridge for me to cross to hell, I ordered

them to leave my hospital, she came begging

many times. I turned her down and inform

her that I will never forgive her and I won’t

treat her child, she begged and begged

yet I refused, many days she didn’t return

to the hospital, there is this day she came to

tell me about something. “You are about to

end the life of your son” I laughed at her,

the fear of losing her son had made her gone

insane, “I drugged you, we both had sex

without protection, I wanted to tell you

am pregnant for you the day I came to your

room, but you refused to have sex with me

that is why I punished you” in hundred

years I will still remember that day, I felt

sweet sensation and dreamt were I was

making love to a girl, I asked her to tell

me where is my son, she said he is dying

at home, I tried my best to treat him but

the virus killed him, I cried day and night

but he is gone killed by his own father.

Am married for 9years without a child,

pray for me reader, thanks for reading

my letter to you, Dada Ishaki.





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