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Location: Abuja Nigeria.

The fence towered way beyond her height. Katarina took some steps backward, then charged on with great speed. She stepped on it with a left feet, an action that projected her so she could grab the top brick.

She struggled for a couple of seconds, soon she was squating on the fence.

The warehouse had electric bulbs all over. Some regions were dark owing to shadows from the erected structures. Few guards were on patrol. Katarina crawled on the fence, she arrived one of the dark areas and jumped down with a soft thud. Gentle enough to raise no iota of suspicion.

She brought her wrist to her mouth

“where i’m i going?”

“keep moving in your 1 o’clock” a voice echoed in her ears.

She continued walking as instructing. Each step she took was as stealthy as ghosts itself.

Two men clad in security uniforms stood some distance from her. They were chatting and laughing.

In the interim, they heard a loud whistle.

“okon, did you hear that?” one of the guards inquired.

“pheeew” the whistle came again.

Okon was confused, lets check it out.

They strode to the dark region, okon shot his bright touchlight. Nothing unfamiliar came into view.

Katarina tiptoed behind the bewildered men; continuing her voyage.


Gabriel shoke hir head weakly, his body was weak and heavy. He tried moving but couldn’t; he was tied down.

He opened his eyes and quickly closed them. He was dazzled by the amount of luminiousity that feasted on him. He opened the again, he couldn’t see clearly, a 500watt bulb was fixed just above his eyes. He tilted his head to the left, it didn’t help either. The young man felt cold liquid splatter on him, he jerked vigorously on the electric chair.

He tried casting his mind to past events, his memory failed him.

“hold on” dominic ordered blaze who was about baptizing Gabriel the third time.

“what do you want?” Gabriel forced his heavy tongue to work albeit his voice was nothing better of a whisper.

“lets just say you’ar paying for what you did to Rita”

Rita? He wasn’t sure if he’d heard that name before! “who is Rita?”

dominic gave a short chuckle.

“stop playing smart Michael. Guess you’ve killed many, you also murdered Rita, on 13th march 2005, remember now?”

“where is my brother?” Blaze interrupted.

The general was silent for several minutes. He wasn’t done with blaze, giving back her brother wouldn’t go down well, he smiled,

He excused himself and stepped out.

Blaze frowned, he dare not mess with her!!!

Katarina heard footsteps, she hid behind a protruding wall. The footsteps got increased in pitch. At the drop of a hat she shone a bright torch on the male figure. General dominic! She gasped.

The torch blinded him, the man was confused. He didn’t recover from his puzzle when a punch graced his wrinkled cheek. Katarina struck him with the torch followed by hard kick on his g---n. Dominic staggared to the wall, katarina advanced further, she meant to punch his ribs but he grabbed her hand, sending her a finishing kick. The lady backflipped twice to regain posture.

General dominic felt warm liquid trickling from his nose. What a disgrace a lady made him bleed! She is so dead!!! He flared with anger.

He took two steps towards her, she was still and composed. Perhaps tired, why not? Shes a woman! The general smiled, he was now only few steps away from her. He’d calculated his attacks.

In a flash Katarina laid both hands on the floor, her legs circled his neck, she twisted it painfully. Dominic groaned, he didn’t anticipate that move.

With his head as pivot, katarina rose herself, she sat on his neck and slammed both elbows in his back. “aaaawww” dominic fell face down.

“nice move!” a voice commented. She rose her head “Jayden?”

“yeah, i thought of helping out. Gabriel should be in two rooms from here” Jayden replied.

“stay right here, be on the look out” Katarina muttered, walking down the hallway.

“1…2! She counted the rows of doors and opened the second.

She proceeded first with a gun, then her whole body.

“who are you?” Blaze ranted, pointing a gun to Katarina.

Katarina also pointed her gun to Blaze.


Jayden stood close to the lying body of General dominic. He was punching his phone. Suddenly he felt cold metal behind his neck.

It was a sharp knive.

“don’t move, Jayden” the man behind commanded.

The man was Abu…


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