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Story By ::- Invincible

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Pilot Episode

The story revolves round Madison and her family, having different destinies, fate and view about life, they rally for personal interests, little did they realise they were only running round a globe.

Segregated by religion, Madison and Hassan were forced to call off their blissful relationship, it was indeed a painful quit, but they had little or no option, both families were against them-a flower can’t flourish in a dam of thorns.

Madison was an american lady whose family resided in Nigeria, hassan on the other hand was the Emir of kano’s first son.

After the painful breakup, Madison together with her family left for their home country where she discovered she was pregnant.

Nine months after which she gave birth to a set of identical twins.

The glass was already shattered! She had to raise her kids alone, without hassan’s knowledge.

She named them Michael and Gabriel, they bore her last name; Robertson.

She eventually found love again! This time, a black american.

Everything happened so fast, the got married.

Her new husband died few years into their union, she was once again left alone to cater for her mulattoes- Michael, Gabriel and Nathan.


AGE: 28


An american CIA who woke up one morning only to get a burn notice.

An underground crime syndicate operating in Nigeria absorbed him, knowing he was a great asset.

His skills and expertise won him the trust of his boss, love of katarina and jealousy the of a colleague.

Michael fell into a trap, a trap carved out of jealousy, he was killed in a bomb explosion, it was all a set up!

Who was the architect?


AGE: 28


The most naive of his brothers, a loving, caring and soft hearted fellow whose identity carved a pain in his neck.

Gabriel had the same physiological make up with Michael, even their mother always mistook one for the other.

The syndicate didn’t believe Michael was dead, Gabriel was mistaken for Michael, he had no option but to replace Michael in the syndicate.

His sole mission was to avenge his brother’s death and sell out the syndicate.

He was drowned by love, lust and power, all which he inherited from Michael’s past.

Would he be able to let go of all these and avenge Michael’s death?

Would the murderer be fished out?


AGE: 22


Only he and Michael knew his father was assassinated!

Consumed by grieve, quest for revenge and hurts, he set out to kill everyone involved in his father’s death, he believe his step brother was murdered for a significant reason.

He later found out Gabriel was working for the same syndicate that murdered his dad

Geez! He was working with the police, would he watch the only brother he had left go to jail?


AGE: 52


He found himself climbing up the political pinnacle, he found success at the polls, he was sworn in as the president of the republic, his people loved him, but he had enemies within!

In order to clear their coast, they planned to assassinate him.

What would be his fate???



All For You - S01

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