Regret - S02 E10

3 months ago

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Three months later,i was standing before the supreme court,the same court where i was sentence to life imprisonment three years ago…..

Waiting to know my faith,according to my lawyer,i might get a death sentence..

Humpty visited me a day before and told me that i shouldnt worry myself that he has everything planned out but he refused to unveil his plans,i had no other choice than to wait for the judge verdict….

I dont know what happened or how it happened,my lawyer was changed before the hearing,humpty brought another lawyer to defend me…..

This time around,it is a female lawyer that it is on seat….

The judge came in and the hearing commence

Clerk:he opened a file

Mr daniel was accussed of murder and for breaking out of prison

Govt lawyer:my lord,three years ago in this same court,mr daniel was sentenced to llife imprisonment,he later broke out of prison after two and half years…..He want ahead and murdered mr roberto and his three friends after he escaped from prison……..

My lawyer:My lord,my client is innocent,he did not commit any of the crime he is being accused of….

Govt lawyer:my lord permit me to ask mr daniel some questions

Judge:go ahead

Govt lawyer:Thank you my lord,*he turned to me**

Mr daniel,can you pls tell us why you broke out of prison

Daniel:i did not escape or break out of prison

Govt lawyer:-she smiled

You broke out of prison in order to kill your friends

My lawyer:objection my lord

Judge:Objection overruled

Govt lawyer:i will like to present my evidences to this honourable court

she gave a file to the court clerk and the clerk passed it to the judge

The files contain all the evidences you need

We sucessfully retrived the knive used to kill mr roberto and the print on it matched with that of mr daniel…

Also there is a footage which shows how mr daniel killed mr roberto…

We visited the prison where he escaped from and we were told that he had been missing for over two months.

My lawyer:my lord,all the evidences are fake except for the footage….

My client killed mr roberto out of self defence…

My client did not break out of prison,three months ago he was poisoned while in prison,he was rushed to the hospital for treatment but unfortunately they had an accident on their way and my client was lucky to survive….

After investigatinv the cause of the poison,we discovered that some group of people are after his life…

The case got to the minister and he ordered that he should be kept in a safe house till he recovers,here are the document signed by the minister…..

After further investigations,we got to know that it was mr roberto who paid some inmates to poison him….He later attacked mr daniel at the safe house,my client had no choice than to defend him self and fight back……he said and sat down…..

I was stunned,how on earth did humpty and my lawyer came up with such story…

The judge cleared her throat and said”

judge:after all evidences provided before this court,i shows and prove that mr daniel is innocent of all charges against him,i hereby acquit and discharge him…..i rise

I looked back and saw Humpty smillimg at me,an officer came forward and uncuff me….

Am glad,finally free at last,i wonder how my lawyer and Humpty was able to pull it off,everyone knows am guilty…

On our way home

Me:Humpty,how did you do it

Humpty:quite,it just a little blackmail


Humpty:The judge os into drugs,so i blackmailed her so she could set u free

I got home to see my daughter and katarina waiting for me,i was happy to see my daughter…we were still hugging each other when granny came in,she knelt down crying and said

“my son forgive me for all what i’ve done,i REGRET all my actions,pls spare and forgive me”

i looked at her,though she did bad things to me,i still love her…she picked me up when my mother left me immediately she gave birth to me,she clothe and cater for me,she made me who i am….

i hugged her and said “i forgive you”,i wiped her tears,she stood up and hug katarina…..

i quit drug business and i re-build my business empire

i merged my company with that of my granny

on my granny’s 70th birthday,i proposed to katarina and we got married some months later….


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