Regret - S02 E09

3 months ago

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She look calm,she sat opposite me and said

Katarina: where is my daughter,i want to see her….

I looked at her and i called Humpty and i told him to give the phone to eva,i gave katarina my phone…..

I left for my room immediately,i need to take a bath…..

Some minutes later,i came out of the bathroom to meet katarina sitting on my bed,she was staring at my wet body,i looked at her and said

Me:what are you doing here

Katarina: stammering i came to return the phone,she said while staring at my wet body

I smiled and took the phone from her

Me:anything else

Katarina: no,i just want to apologise for all i’ve done,she said

I smiled,i knew her body is on fire,she cant resist me….

I sat beside her on the bed,i held her hand and she immediately closed her eyes as our lips met….we end up making love passionately ….

A loud knock at the door woke me up,i looked beside me and i saw katarina sleeping peacefully,i stood up and i opened the door,i saw one of my boys looking terrified

Me:what is the matter

Boy:Boss,we are under attack,you need to leave

Me:by who

Boy:the police

Me:what,how did they get our location

Boy:i dont know,boss you need to leave,we are out-numbered

I quickly woke katarina up,i opened my drawer and brought out my 9mm revolver,i held her and we went out through backdoor,a car is already waiting for us outside the compound……

I carried her up so she could jump over the fence,she jumped over sucessfully….

As i was about to jump over too,a bullet hit my left shoulder and i fell down…

I managed to stand up but i was shot again…

Roberto walked towards me with the gun still in his hands,he pointed it at me and said “am smarter than you,u fell into my trap,i knew u were coming for her that why i planted a tracker on her”

He stood up and backed,i try standing up but was sent back to the by a kick from him….

I closed my eyes and said my last prayer as he was about the trigger…A tear dropped from my eyes as i remember my daughter,i already had ny will prepared by my lawyer so that my daughter will not suffer if i die…

I laid on the floor waiting for a bullet to pierce through my heart but nothing happened,i opened my eyes and i saw him battling with his gun,he is out of bullet…

i stood up and braced myself for a fight….

i was weak but still managed to fight,after fighting for 10mins,he pinned me to the ground and held my neck,he wants to strangle me….he had a firm grip and am begining to lose consciousness,i brought a

the kinfe he kelt in his pocket and drove it into his heart…i stabbed him to death….

I stood up so i can escape but i was caught and arrested by the police…..

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