Regret - S02 E02

4 months ago

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Revenge and Escape

Daniel POV

I open my eyes slowly and i look round the room,i was in a strange place,i remembered i was playing basketball when i slumped,i dont know what happened and how i got here

i tried to sit down that was when i studied my environment well,i was in a bedroom

i noticed that i was on a drip,i laid on the bed and was about sleeping when someone opened the door,it was Humpty,he came in and sat down on the bed beside me smiling

Humpty:Finally you are awake

Daniel:how did i get here,what happened,why am i on drip

Humpty:finally,you are now free,i told you that you are gonna leave the prison

Daniel:how did it happened bro,hw did you do it

Humpty:you remember that i gave you a drug to take


Humpty:Actually the drug na poison

Daniel:what did u want to kill me

Humpty:actually it a weak poison,it is not really strong,it dosent kill…..I gave you the poison because i cant attack the prison or break into the prison to release you,so i decided to give you the poison to lure u guys out because i knew that they will take you to the hospital once they noticedd that you have been poisoned….You slumped when the drug took effect,and they rushed you to the hospital,on their way,an accident occured and everyone in the ambulance died…Actually,it was a planned accident,i and my boys caused the accident when we attacked the ambulance,we killed everyone and we rescued you….we also set the ambulance up on fire,so now we made everyone believe that none of you survived….

Daniel:wow,you are a genius

Humpty:since the government and people already believed that you died in the accident,you need to leave the country

Daniel:ok,i will but that will be after my revenge

Humpty:you really wanna revenge


Humpty:ok,i need to be somewhere now,did u need anything

Daniel:yeah,i need my daughter,kidnapp her and bring her to me


Later in the evening,daniel decided to look around the house since he is now feeling better…he got out of the room,on opening the door,he saw four gaurds at the door,they bowed as he walked past them,he went outside the building that was when he realised that it is one of the house he just bought,guards were everywhere,he retired back into his room after he was through…….

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