Regret - S02 E01

4 months ago

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Escape and Revenge


Warden:hey daniel,you have a visitor

Daniel:a vistor,ok open the cell

He opened and they both walked to the visiting room

Daniel got there and he saw Humpty waiting for him

Humpty is a friend of Daniel,he was the one who introduced Daniel into drugd back in the States,they went their seperate ways when daniel quitted drugs….

Daniel:(shocked) humpty,what are u doing here

Humpty:is that how to greet a friend who you have not seen for a long time

Daniel:sorry bro,hw have u been

Humpty:good,i heard that you are back into the business

Daniel:yeah bro,i need to leave this place

Humpty:that why am here

Daniel:so how will you get me out

Humpty:it very simple,i already have everything planned out


Humpty:here is the game plan,(he gave him a tablet) take this tomorrow morning and you will be out of here

Daniel:why are u helping me

Humpty:cuz u also helped me in the states,take the drug tomorrow as i have said,he said and he exited the building……

The next day,daniel took the drug as he was instructed,but nothing happened until later in the evening when he started vomitting blood while they were playing basketball,he fell down and passed out,his fellow inmates gathered round his as the prison nurse started treating him

Nurse:he was poisoned,we need to take him to the hospital

Warder:it against the prison rule,we cant take him to the hospital

Nurse:if you dont,he will die

Warder:ok,i’ll call an ambulance

Nurse:be fast with it,we dont have much time

An ambulance arrived immediaty and they took him to the hospital……

On their way,they had an accident,a boy ran across the road not caring to look before crossing,the driver quickly manovered so he wont hit the boy,the ambulance skidded off the road and went up in flames……..

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