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Its been two months. Yet, no sign of Tracy. Why I am even speaking about her self? She has definetly gone for good. Shouldn’t we discuss the news that is trending in campus?

I thought as I gently caress my ring. My little golden ring. Given to me by Idris. This past two months, we became very close and tight.

Call me crazy but they was nothing I could do. Dating a guy after two months of meeting him. I tried my best to stay away from him but I couldn’t. He is just so funny, understanding, handsome, cute, tall, so masculine. oh God help me..



I laid on my bed as I was gently caressing and touching my little golden ring. Same with the one I gave Diana. Before Diana, I hadn’t had any girl in my life.

I am the shy type around girls but when Diana came into my world, she changed that. I knew if I hadn’t step up to my game someone might snatch her away from me.

She is so beautiful, intelligent, cute and lovely. For the past two months we have been together, we have known each other a great deal that you would even think that we have been dating for up to year.

I closed my eyes as I took my iphone6 and played my newly found favourite song by tekno.

“Diana oo Diana oo”

“I wanna take you away”

“Diana oo my baby oo”

“na me and you comes forever”

“Diana my love o”

Me: smiled I wanna take you away.



I took my Ipod, opened his picture and was looking at him. I smiled.

Me: Idris, the one sided dimple guy.

Thank God mine is two, at least I wouldn’t feel inferior around him.


Tracy appeared with a smile on her devilish cute and beautiful face.

Tracy: Diana oo my mermaid oo, I wanna take you away!

Me: Jesus!!!!!!

I screamed as the ipod I was holding fell down.

Tracy: hahaha. Remember our agreement or what where you thinking? That I have gone away forever. Hahaha, I was only giving you time.

Me: mtcheew, get out from here you bastard. I only deceived you that’s all. I thought you guys were intelligent but these only prove that you guys are dull. Really really dull.

I shouted at her with venom and fury in me.

Tracy: too bad. Bet me, you are gonna run to us. I promise you!

She said and disappeared.

Me: mtcheew, empty threats. All what they always do is to make mouths that all.




Diana’s dad and mum were coming back from the village. This girl Diana has bitten more than she can chew and she must pay the price.

I stood at the middle of the road, I was invisible but later, I changed and turned into a big stone.

Trying to avoid me, Diana’s dad ran into another fast moving vehicle and this time, I made sure I killed both parents.

Me: too bad. You don’t believe in God, that’s good because you just made my Job so easy.



I was preparing for a lunch date with Idris when my phone rang.

Me: hello who is this?

Voice: Mr James, calling from Farouk specialist hospital.

Me: ok, I know that hospital. Hope there is no problem.

Mr James: am afraid there is. Your dad and mum are in the mortuary as am speaking to you. They were involved in a ghastly motor accident and died.

The phone fell down from my hand and —————————–




what happened next?

Find out in the concluding episode of season 1.

Brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.



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