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Mr Augustine: ohhhhhhh my God, who could be this one that is disturbing me again na.

Sandra: forget about the person let’s enjoy ourselves joor.

Mr Augustine: wait let me check and see if it is any important call. If it isn’t, I’d better cut the call and switched off my phone.

He took the phone and it was his wife that was calling him.

Mr Augustine: with an angry voice Hello, what is it again!!!

He shouted.

Wife: is it a crime to call my husband? Why are you shouting at me like this?

Mr Augustine: it is not a crime to call your husband but it is a big crime if you are pestering me with all your numerous unending calls.

Wife: sorry oo. I just called to inform you that your prayer and fasting is starting this night. I know you love branching at any fast food joint near by to have your favourite nkwobi pepper soup with beer. Please this time don’t oo.

Mr Augustine: have heard you, can I go now.

Wife: don’t be in a haste naw. Please don’t forget oo, remember that we are looking for the fruit of the womb for over ten years now. All my mates are taking care of their own children but take a good look at me, I have nothing to show for our marriage. Please my love, just do it for me..

Mr Augustine: ok I will bye!

He said and ended the call, he switched off his phone and threw it away.

Mr Augustine: fruit of the womb, nonsense!! Soon it will be the crop of the intestine. Useless barren woman.

Sandra: who was that?

Mr Augustine: the useless barren woman that called herself my wife?

Sandra: useless, barren?

Mr Augustine: could you believe that for the past ten years we have been living together she hasn’t given me any child?

Sandra: what!!!!!!

Mr Augustine: yes oo. Am even tired of her. My mother and relatives have been advising me to drop her off but I can’t?

Sandra: why?

Mr Augustine: because I truly love her.

Sandra: If you really do then why are you sleeping around with other girls? Well everything will end this night

Sandra: how am I sure that all these isn’t your fault?

Mr Augustine: how?

Sandra: it might be that you are not powerful enough on bed to satisfy her sexual urge.

Mr Augustine: is that what you think?

Sandra: yes of course.

Mr Augustine stood up and removed his cloth. He was now on the bed naked with Sandra.

Mr Augustine: time to find out.

………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………….

Time check: 11:58pm

Sandra woke up from her sleep with a smile. Lying on the bed besides her is Mr Augustine. They have had three rounds of hot sex and he was really exhausted.

Sandra: I must confess, You are really good on bed. Well this is the last sex you will ever have. Prepare to meet your maker.

She said as she walked to her big and pick a little knife that has a mermaid design on it. The knife was in her purse the whole time.

She got close to Mr Augustine and with one powerful blow, she stabbed him to death. She butchered him, removing his heart and d--k and then disappeared.




Sandra appeared before the Queen mother and bowed.

Queen: you have done your job. Yes, welldone.

Sandra: with a wicked smile your wish is my command Queen mother.

Queen: yes, that’s the same punishment for every man on earth that do cheat on their wives. They all shall go down one by one.


What a waste, to every sin there is a price to pay!

To all men beware!

Find out what happened next in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Diana.

Brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.



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