Destiny Revealed - S01 E17

2 years ago

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I could not sleep throughout the night, I was just crying and asking myself so many questions with out answers, my life was like ruined, no future,no dream,now she has ended up selling out to be a maid to someone I don’t even know, what if she is worst than aunty Stella? Haa!!!!!! ..aunty Stella you are so cruel,you are really heartless, I curse the day you came to pick me up at the hospital, I cried and cried till I finally fell asleep……

Keji!!keji!! I heard my name from my sleep,I opened my eyes and saw aunty Stella beside me…

Aunty Stella:will u stand up,don’t u know that time has gone ehn…

I opened my eyes and checked the wall clock it..what!!! 8am…I jumped up immediately…

Me:am sorry ma.

Aunty Stella:if not because of the send off am doing for you today ehn,I would have skinned you alive.

Me:am sorry ma.

Aunty Stella:the person coming to pick you will soon be here,so hurry and pack your load and get yourself ready,I give you just 30min to do that..

Me:yes ma.

She left the room and banged the door I felt like jumping on her at that moment,but is is just my thought I can’t do it…I sat on the bed,I was tired of thinking and crying,I had no other choice than to accept my fate…

Me:keji,what ever fate brings just accept it and endure,I said to myself….

I quickly arranged my bag,went to take my bath,wore my cloth, and packed my hair neatly,I checked the time it was 8:40am,I ran to the sitting room so avoid trouble even though I knew it was my last day in at aunty Stella’s house, getting to the sitting room I saw a man on uniform, he looks like a driver cus of the uniform, he was standing in the sitting room…he handed a paper to aunty Stella, the paper looked like a cheque… I was so curious to know how much aunty Stella sold me…

Aunty Stella:she collected the cheque and place it on the centre table…oh she is here..she was pointing at me…and you keji be a good girl ok,and be nice and gentle to your boss…she turned to the man and said keji is the one you are driving to your boss house….and keji pls be good ok….

Me:OK ma….

I moved closer to the centre table where she dropped the cheque and I saw a sum of 1million naira written on it…tears Formed in my eyes but I controlled it…so Aunty Stella sold me for a million naira….

Driver:let’s go…he collected my bag….

Me:forced a smile at aunty stella,….bye ma.

Aunty Stella:bye.

She excort us to the compound, and I saw the Lexus rx35 the driver brought… Hmmmm it seems this my new boss is rich oo…..I said to myself… The driver opened the boot and dropped my bag.. And also opened the front door for me and I entered the car….I could see aunty Stella waving at me as we drove off…musa was just calm,I could see confusion mixed with sadness on his face…I just smiled at him and he returned it with that his brown teeth…… The driver drove out of the compound……

I hated aunty Stella at that moment but I just had to let go and endure….. When we got out of the estate gate of aunty Stella’s house i was forced to ask the driver where exactly he was driving me to…..

Me:excuse me sir,please where are we going?

Driver:banana island…

Wooah,banana island have never been there before……is like this my new boss is rich ooo……let’s see how it goes sha I said to myself!!

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