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That was how I lost the admission, infact it was over a month then, I didn’t hear from nurse titi,she didn’t call or come to visit me since then. Every day was like hell in aunty Stella’s house, she will always look for every single mistake to beat me,I began to give up on my dreams cus I know aunty stella only wants me for her maid and nothing more.

She would always give me unnecessary work to do,she is always keeping me busy,I have no choice I just have to do it,she would leave her children In my care and flirt as much as she like, who am I to complain?, not even me that don’t have where to go,I kept enduring not until the story changed oo……

It was on a Friday afternoon, I was in the kitchen washing the plates when I heard aunty Stella phone ring…

Aunty Stella:keji!keji!

Me:ma…running out from the kitchen to the sitting room.

Aunty Stella:bring my phone,or didn’t you hear it ringing…

See this woman oo,the phone was on the center table in front of her yet she have to call me from the kitchen to bring her phone…smh…I picked the phone on the centre table and gave it to her and returned back to the kitchen,I continued washing my plates but I could hear what she was saying eveh though I didn’t hear what the other party was saying….

Aunty Stella:hello,who am I speaking to pls?

Me:kinla ni,hope she didn’t hear sha….

Aunty Stella:oh chief Mrs Williams, oh my God it has been a while ma,have been expecting your call after given you my number the other day ma .


Aunty Stella:no prob ma,I understand, it has really been a while, infact it was my aunt that told me you are now in Nigeria ma.


Aunty Stella:how is family and everyone ma .


Aunty Stella:of course,I didn’t forget ma,infact have been expecting you to come and pick her up ma.

Me:surprised and confused who is the her that they are picking I said a bit audible and continued washing my plate,still listening to the conversation…

Aunty Stella:Saturday right?


Aunty Stella:alright, I will be expecting you ma…bye ma..

She dropped the call and was smiling….

I was still confused, I didnt hear what the caller was saying ,but I have the feeling they were talking about me…keji!keji!…she interrupted my thought.. I ran to the sitting room…

Me:yes ma.

Aunty Stella:am expecting a visitor tomorrow..

Me:very anxious…who ma?

Aunty Stella:your new boss…


Me:still confused… New boss??

Aunty stella:yes…your new boss…

Me:more confused… But Aunty I don’t understand…

Aunty Stella:are u nut?,what is it that you don’t understand ehn,I am sending u off to someone you will be working for as a maid..

What!!! I could not believe what I heard,infact I could not find tears, I can’t believe Aunty Stella wants to sell me out,to someone I don’t even know, I could not control my tears…

Me:in tears…but aunty Stella why?,what have I done?,why do u want to send me to Someone I don’t even know…I started pleading….

Aunty stella:will you shut your trap! Ehn do you think I will accommodate you forever, no way!! And sending you off and that’s final, don’t you dare question my decision…she stood up pushed me away and left angrily…..

I just stood there crying, I was so confused,I didn’t know what to do,I felt like running away,but u don’t have where to run to,God why me?,y is aunty Stella this wicked, am still trying to cope with her,now she wants to sell me off to someone I don’t even know …I cried bitterly…..

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