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My University***

NB: The seminar was just after our Industrial Training. So this was first semester final year..

I was so angry at everyone including myself at what Laura just did to me. God, there was no way I was gonna let this go. Agreed that we were never in talking terms, what made her feel she could do this and get away with it?. I don’t care if her elder bro (only one was now left in the school) was the most dreaded guy on camp, I’ll surely give her a slap come what may.

These were some of the thoughts that ran through my head as I waited at the departmental building for the lecturer. I couldn’t believe Laura got the best of me in this game we were playing. Not like when the chips are down, I would be able to lay a finger on her. I get the liver? But at that point, I deceived myself I would hit her.

After about 1 hour, that looked like one year, the seminar session went on break and the lecturers all walked to the departmental building. I could see Laura walking behind the seminar coordinator, likewise Cindy and a few other students who only wanted to know how everything would end.

While the other lecturers entered the HOD’s office where they were usually entertained, the lecturer called Laura and myself to his office

Lecturer: So Fury, what happened to her slide? Why did you alter her presentation?

Me: Sir I didn’t alter her presentation, when the presenter before her was rounding up, I got a Flash drive from behind with this note attached to it (fortunately I had kept the note in my jotter, and quickly pulled it out, passing it to the lecturer), saying she was up next and her presentation was the only document in the drive. I barely had time to preview it because she was called up almost immediately the guy presenting left the podium, only to see a blank file which I believe was deliberately made so. Every other person presenting today gave me their PowerPoint presentations yesterday evening. Only a Nk brought hers this morning before the presentation started.

Lecturer: I guess you wrote this? (the question was directed at Laura)

Laura: yes sir…. But I..

Lecturer: Shut up.. After my instructions, why did you submit your slide at the time you did.

Laura: (she started speaking their language. But with the way she kept pointing at me, I knew she was complaining how I do snub her and something to do with her wanting to avoid me, bla bla bla… (Switching back to English) But I think the mistake was mine, I now realized I copied only my front page and intro thinking that was the complete file.

Lecturer: Where’s your laptop?

Laura: It’s with Angela.

Lecturer: go and get it, copy the correct document and give it to him (me). You’re presenting first after the break. Enough of these childish nonsense you call beef going on between you. Now, apologize to him.

The look she gave the lecturer that instant was similar to the one you’ll give to someone who asked you to eat glass. But she managed to grumble “I’m sorry”

She eventually copied the file and literally threw the flash drive at me when she met me in the hall. Though I didn’t tell anyone what went up other than telling chucks I’ll take over back from him (in controlling the PowerPoint presentations), the few people who saw the was she threw the flash at me knew somehow I had won.

Surprisingly, her presentation wasn’t bad other than the way she commanded me whenever she wanted the next slide displayed on the projector.

That was on a Friday, so we didn’t see until Monday. Though Cindy and I were in talking terms, but she just always pretended she disliked me because Laura her bestie did. But she smiled when ever I or anyone else called her Candy girl. So I needed something from her and went to meet her (in the lab). I took the seat next to her unknown to me Laura was the person sitting there and had gone out of the lab.

After calling her candy girl and all the sweet names I could come up with just to see her smile, I began to ask for the assistance I needed from her. Laura came back into the Lab. I was backing the entrance door and didn’t see her come in. She saw me sitting on the seat and with no warning whatsoever, she pulled the seat off my ass saying “I’m seated here”

I assume you guys know how tall lab benches are. Since I wasn’t relaxed with the way I was sitting, as I hit the ground, I heard a sound followed almost immediately with sharp pain. I didn’t scream despite the sound being audible enough for student in the lab to hear even when the did not see what actually happened. As I looked under the lab table from my position on the floor, I saw where I felt the pains. My left leg which I had twisted somehow under the table was broken.

This was followed almost immediately with a cry of “Jesus” from Cindy as she stood up and realized my leg was broken. Even in that state, I was still shocked by her actions as she gave Laura two resounding slaps in quick succession. “Laura are you mad?” she screamed at her.

By that time, people had gathered around me. Nathan and another guy i cant remember helped me up, as I writhed in pains. Seeing the state in which my leg was, tears began to flow from my eyes. Looking at Laura’s face as she stood motionless, I saw her shedding tears also. I wasn’t sure if it was from the slap Cindy gave her or from realizing how much damage she had done to me. I think the former would have it. Because nit even me the victim, believed Cindy the usually quiet one, who’s only vocal when it comes to supporting Laura would give her such slaps and scold her. On my own part, I never muttered a single word to her as she looked visibly shaken.

How I got to the school clinic from there to the teaching hospital and finally the orthopedic ward I do not know, but Theo only thing I remember was waking up Tuesday morning to see my mom and later in the afternoon she and Frank. I spent the next 6 weeks at the hospital before I resumed school. Having my leg in POP and hanging from the ceiling wasn’t funny at all. The second evening, Laura, Cindy and Laura’s mom came to see me. Frank went back to calabar wednesday, but would come Friday evenings and go back Sunday evenings for the 6 weeks I spent there. Mom went back to Lagos Saturday when I had stopped shouting.

Cindy and Laura were regular callers in the evenings. A few friends and a couple of course mates stopped by every now and then. The first evening Cindy and Laura came around, Laura was hiding behind Cindy, only for Cindy to pulled her and push her forward to my bed. Looking back at how the “calm, collected and quiet” Cindy pushed her around and the slap she gave her that day, I began to feel Cindy had always been the dominant partner in their lesbian relationship despite being very quiet outside. The direct opposite of Laura.

Sunday evening alone, I heard a gentle knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Mom left yesterday, Frank had left earlier in the afternoon (He had hooked up with one of my class mate who had come to visit me. Major reason he came every weekend because my place became his hotel room with her and away from his girlfriend in Calabar).

“Come in” I answered only to see Laura walk in with a flask. “Hey” she said as she walked towards the head of the bed and places the food flask.

“How’re you feeling. I brought you food. Cooked it myself” she said joyfully but in my head I was wondering if it was to finish me off completely.

“Better I guess. Thanks” I replied her.

Taking a seat opposite me we began to talk.

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