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He entered the room like he had forgotten something, only to pause briefly saying “Cant you guys lock the door?” hissed and went straight to the wardrobe, picked his wallet and left slamming the door shut.

But all the while, i noticed Fay didn’t even blink an eye as she continued moving, grinding slowly on me till my d--k became limp. she pulled out and left the room without saying anything about Frank. But i was too exhausted to leave the bed as I just slept off.

I woke up to the voice of mom calling Frank to come open the gate and him leaving the room. Everywhere was dark and I was sweating. Then again, in my subconscious state, I began to wonder how come i slept on from that afternoon till now. Then about 30 seconds after Frank has left the room, I heard the sound of mom’s heels on the tiled floor as she walked through the passageway from their room.

D--n, it had all been a dream. I reached into my boxers to feel my d--k and realized it actually sticky and wet. Wow, I had a nightmarish wet dream. It began to make sense to me, I had come to bed thinking about what Frank’s reaction would be if I opened up to him I had slept with Fay. Or since Fay told me he knew, though not being specific about the level of his knowledge of our affair, was he actually cool with it? So with these kinda thoughts going through my head when i slept off, it made sense why I obviously had that dream. But again, was the dream meant to tell me he actually knew we were fvcking and didn’t sweat it?

I reached for my phone, time was 5:45am and i realized i was sweating because there was no power supply, hence the fan was off. Minutes later Frank came back into the room and returned to bed. My heart was racing with thoughts if i should just open up to him. But I decided I would discuss it with Fay first so whatever his reaction would be, wouldn’t get her pissed at me.

I just continued with surfing the net as Frank put on his ear buds after we had exchanged morning pleasantries and a brief chat.


Now unlike in my dream, the day dragged on as if it was heavily pregnant. Mom had asked Frank to buy bread for breakfast and he had gone outside the compound. Favour on her part didn’t come out of her room untill 8:30am when i just finished washing my mouth in the bathroom. She met me by the passage full of smiles as she stretched while yawning with hands raised into the air. As she did this, her shirt went up revealing her smooth and flat tummy

“Sleepy head, see time you woke up from bed” i said to her as I kissed and hugged her. Wrapping her arms around my neck while pressing her braless boöbs into my chest, she kissed me back full forgetting she hadn’t washed her mouth. I still kissed her all the same.

“I finished off from where you stopped last night that’s why” she said after breaking the kiss implying that she had brought herself to orgasmm when she entered her room.

“Wish I had done that myself” i replied squeezing her obviously bare as§ through her shorts as i pulled her into my d--k that was already hardening.

“yea, wished you had with fury” she said kissing me while also moving her hand down to grab and squeeze my d--k gently. Breaking the kiss, she continued “but for now I need to use the bathroom”

“We need to talk Fay” i said as i went into the room and she the bathroom.

“What about?” she asked opening the bathroom door

“You and me” i replied her as i entered the room.

She called out requesting i meet her in the kitchen when she left the bathroom. On my way, she was leaving her room and we went to the kitchen together.

I started by telling her the dream and my worries if by chance he found out what his reaction would be. She just kept laughing and when she finally decided to talk she shocked me by saying “perhaps you don’t know me and your friend all that much. Though i kept the details from him, but since I told him we had something going, he already knows me fvcking you wouldn’t be a problem and would be my idea. No need discussing it with him because you’ll just make him feel awkward, but trust me, he’s cool.”

Though I didn’t believe her all that much, i dropped the issue. When Frank returned, we had breakfast together and left for church in her car with her driving and me sitting in front with her.

From after the mass, the day just went by so fast. After lunch I slept off only for Favour to come wake me up around past 3pm that i should get dressed, she wanna take me out. Frank was in the living room with Juliet, Mom had gone for meeting at chief’s residence (hosted by his wife) and Dad was to go out with chief from there.

Initially I had thought Frank and Juliet were coming with us but it turned out she wanted us to leave the house for them. In the car she told me they’ll meet with us when they were done. (Returning later to see the sheet changed confirmed that Frank and Juliet had fvcked themselves silly).

We first went to her friend’s place to say hi before she drove me to the Lake resort out of town. Now, I used to hear Frank and other guys living in Obudu talk about the lake in Obudu back in secondary school, but I never got to visit the place. Perhaps because it was far from the main town. When we got there, a world bank funded water supply project was ongoing. After taking pictures at the picnic section,, she then drove out only to turn halfway and drive towards a set of buildings that turned out to be the lake side hotel.

We ordered chicken pepper soup. While i drank a non-alcoholic drink, Fay helped herself to a bottle of Smirnoff. With the way our discussion went, it was only normal I was turned on. As we left the restaurant, Fay just led me into the hotel building and whispered in my ear “get a room, i want a farewell sex now”

Some 15 minutes later, we were ripping off each others clothes. I’m not gonna bore you with details, because it was nothing out of the extraordinary, but Favour rode me good. Real good.

We got back to town around a few minutes to 6:00pm and drove straight to the clubhouse only to meet Jude, his girlfriend, and Anna. I called Frank who said he was just leaving the house with Juliet and they both met us there. We went on to order another round of drinks but this time, Frank and Juliet doing the alcohols and getting high parts.

I drove on the way home and surprisingly Dad and Mom hadn’t return from their outing. They returned some 20 minutes later.

Later on the bed chatting with Ella and Rose, they asked what happened to my numbers as they tried reaching me but to no avail. Told them I had go to the Lake and no network connection there. Rose joked i missed the opportunity to fvck them both and asked me to see her before I left the following day.

By 7:00am Jude was already parked by the gate waiting for me. In my normal habit of packing my bags the morning I’m travelling, I had woken up as early as 4:00 and began getting set. Fortunately there was power supply, so i had no difficulty at all. Mom had asked if i wasn’t going to eat before leaving, but i told her i usually don’t eat while travelling.

Dad gave me a brown envelope telling me to greet my folks in Lagos saying they might just come over for the Christmas holidays. Favour and Frank walked me to the gate and before i entered the car, she came over to give me a hug only to kiss me for like 10 seconds right before Frank. My heart was pounding as i walked over to Frank but the smile he had on his face was just the assurance I needed to know he was actually cool and that there’s more than what Favour had told me about his knowledge.

I pleaded with Jude to just quickly pass through Rose’s place so i could see her. I called her to say i was on my way and wouldn’t spend time as i was in a hurry. When i got there, Jude waited for me in the car while i hurried in.

Knocking on her door, she answered by asking who it was and I told her I was the one. “Hold on” said as i heard her walking towards the door. Hiding behind the door, she opened and peeped to see if I was alone before asking me to come in. Going in, the lights were still turned off and with the blinds drawn, the room was still dark. I saw her putting on just her panties while her jugs dangled freely. I was just about to say hi when i heard Ella’s voice from the bed “Fury, you’re leaving without saying goodbye abi?”

I turned to the bed and saw her lying completely nüde on the bed face down with the sheet covering only her legs. “That’s what I’ve come to do” i replied as the thought of how this girls must have been fvcking themselves all night began to give me an erectiön.

“You only came to see your sweetheart Rose, you never knew i was here” she replied turning to face me.

“Yea, you right. But would have called though”. Turning to face Rose, I moved towards her and hugged her while she crossed her arms across her boöbs. “I’ll miss you babe” I said as she just kept staring into my eyes

“You no dey miss me na. Only Rose fell in love with you. I get it” Ella interrupted from the bed.

“And you too Ella” I said as I and Rose started laughing.

Removing her hand from her boöbs and placing them on my chest, she asked “So when are you inviting me to Lagos?”

“Just call me whenever you are ready to make the trip, I’ll send your flight money” I told her moving my hands to grab both as§ cheeks

“Ok, but I’ll keep the money and use bus.. Have a phobia for heights not to talk about flying” she

“We’ll be coming together, so just keep our return flight money also” Rose said from the bed.

“Sure” I said. Squeezing her as§ through her panties, i pulled her in for a kiss. We kissed for like 20 seconds me not minding she hadn’t washed her mouth yet. While we kissed, I put my hand inside my pocket and brought out the 10k I had kept there to give her and pushing it into her hand, i broke the kiss saying “your mouth tastes like Ella’s p---y”.

She pushed me away saying “Go jor” while Ella who was now sitting on the bed said “Admit it Fury, you’ll miss my p---y more than her own. See how much you know my taste”

“You’re not serious” i told her as i moved towards her and kissed her pinching her nipplë in the process. “ouch” she screamed as i moved away from her while she was busy looking for what to throw at me.

I literally ran out of the hostel building so as to give Jude the impression i hurried up. Just as i entered the car, Laura called saying she was set. Told her we were on our way. We left Obudu by 7:30am and by 8:10am we were already in Igoli (Ogoja) to pick Laura.

Cindy came out with her and gave me a hug while Laura went to put her stuffs in the car and say hi to jude. Then breaking the hug, she held me by the shirt and said in a low tone “Laura told me how much you wanted to fvck me. You see your life Fury? And to think I felt safe hanging out with you, while deep down your head, sticking your big d--k up my as§ was all you thought about. Eh Fury?” she called out laughing

“Haaa, Candy girl… Is that supposed to be my welcome?” Besides, like you weren’t crushing on me but kept pretending to hate me because Laura did. By the way I never thought of your as§, I remember saying while i was in her, you’ll sit on my face and I eat you out or something like that. D--n you Cindy, gosh, so you fancy the backdoor? Anyways if you give me I’ll gladly have my first backdoor experience with you” i said smiling

Slapping my arm, she gave me the middle finger gesture saying “keep dreaming” before adding “she even said you fancied a party with us both and you just confirmed it. Poor you… I can imagine how often you jerked off to the thought of fvcking both of us.. Gosh, you’re so disgusting Fury.

“Yea, coming from a dyke herself” i replied pulling away as she made to slap me. Giving me the middle finger again she said “choke on your d--k queer”

Laughing i replied from afar saying “We both know I’m not bent. I’m as straight as a pole”

“yea right, but you wouldn’t mind shoving your d--k in my ass if the chance arises. That’s how it starts sweetheart” she said giving me the five fingers gesture

“Not quite, yours is soft actually soft.. I’m Having a hard on already thinking about it Candy baby” I said laughing from my vantage position

“I don’t blame you Fury. If you want it that bad, get married to her and whenever i come around for a visit, we might invite you to join us” she said as Laura came back to meet her and then walked towards me.

“Gosh, You’re one sick fellow Candy, so you feel you’ll come to my house and fvck my wife without me fvcking you?” what have you been smoking in Ogoja?

“Laura never let this boy go again, he’s always at his best around you” she said laughing and left us as we hugged while she went to the other side to say hi to Jude who had stayed put im the car.

NB: Though i called her a dyke, she’s in no way masculine and is a very classy chick in her own right with the right figure, boöbs and ass. It was just ment to be a spiteful remark. Also back in school, I had replaced the letter “I” with “A” in her name to come up with her nickname “Candy girl” that stuck


We left Ogoja by 8:30am, talked about our different holidays with me omitting anything that would suggested i had been fvcking like a rabbit in Obudu. On her part. She didn’t have to tell me of her sessions with Cindy as she assumed i know already or at least not with Jude with us. We stopped over at Ikom to refill the fuel tank and buy Bananas and groundnuts before proceeding.

“So where are we staying Laura?” I asked wondering if she had a place in mind or wanted us to get there first.

“How I’m I responsible for your accommodation Nite Fury?” she asked calling my full name. Then she added, “for your info, I’m going to my sister’s house, so better start keeping you hotel money.

“Na you carry me dey go Calabar, now you don leave me for road” i said laughing

“Na you sabi” she said in a her Ibibio accent making all of us to laugh.

We got to Calabar by 12:30pm thanks to how fast Jude was because he was returning to Obudu same day. She alighted by mobil telling me to call her when i sort my accommodation out so she can come pick me up for lunch and dinner.

I told Jude the hotel to take me to and paid him when we got there. He gave me 5k from our initial agreement saying i should use that for my room bills. Saying he’ll pick passengers on his way back and would fuel the car with their money.

Inside the room I laid on the bed tired. Remembering the envelope Frank’s Dad gave me, i brought it out of my bag and checked inside to see 20k. Thank goodness. I called him thanking him saying we arrived Calabar safely. I also called Mom, Frank, Fay, Rose and Ella all in that order telling them i got to Cali safely.

It was around 2pm while i had slept off that Laura called asking for my room number. I told her and a few minutes later she was inside saying “get dressed lets go get something to eat”. She handed my flight ticket to me as i got dresses. I thanked her and kept it inside my bag before we left. But in all, i noticed her tone was now different. Now, i didn’t remember calling her to tell her the name of the hotel, but she knew that’s where I’ll be lodged.

We took a cab to one of the Mr Fans in the city and ordered a plate of rice and chicken both. As we ate she asked what I was discussing with Cindy earlier. Told her and she laughed.

Though she was laughing, i could read the signs that something wasn’t quite alright. Like she had something bothering her. As we sat eating, a young girl came in with a baby boy, got some items and left. All of a sudden she turned and asked me “What’s your thoughts on baby mamas?”

“My thoughts how? And who says she just a baby mama and not married?” i asked her knowing the girl that just left the restaurant made her ask the question

“Like can you marry a single mom? She had no ring on her fingers” she replied me.

“I don’t know, I’m indifferent towards them. But while I don’t mind marrying a single mom, the situation that led to her having the child would matter to me.” i answered her as i continued eating

“Situation like?” she asked not showing any intent of dropping the topic

“Like did the guy deny the pregnancy? was she violated? Is she divorced? You know, all those kinda questions would be asked.. But thing is, that she didn’t abort the pregnancy doesn’t make her bad, so I really don’t judge them” i said hoping that would answer her

When i finished saying that, she kept quiet and was looking tensed. Picking her phone from the table, she flipped through and passed the phone to me saying “here, flip through”.

I collected the phone and in it I saw a girl of about 2 years smiling. As i began to flip through I saw several pictures of her and the little girl in France (Eiffel tower was in the background of a few). “My daughter, Vera” she said as i flipped through.

It made sense now, she wanted to know what I’ll think of her as a single mom. But besides the baby being light skinned like her, there was nothing to suggest she was a product of an interracial relationship. Which meant her baby daddy must be a Nigerian or a Black man at least. “So cute” I said as my face lit up with smiles. “So where’s she?” I asked curiously

“Here in Calabar, with my elder sister. She had visited me in Lagos with her last daughter who’s about the same age as Vera. Vera cried saying she wanted to follow them to Calabar when they wanted to leave, while Faith, my niece said she wasn’t leaving Lagos without Vera. So since i was gonna come for the wedding in Ogoja, I allowed her to go with them. My passing through Calabar is just to pick her.

“So where’s her dad?” i asked looking up to her, believing that was the next question I ought to ask

Looking down to her plate of food as she played with her spoon, she answered me saying “He never knew of her existence untill now”. She then looked back at me saying “I named her after your mom”

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