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Sunday came and went so fast. Attended the
second mass with Frank. Mom and Dad
attended the first mass but Favour stayed at
home with two ladies who were hired by mom
to come over to prepare food for a meeting
Mom was hosting later in the day.

We got home by 12:30 (thanks to the ongoing
family harvest) and i headed straight to take
an afternoon nap. I woke up somewhat around
1:30pm to the sound of Fay entering the room
and closing the door.
Before i realized what she was up to, she was
on the bed, pulled down my shorts and took
my d--k in her hand.
“What the fvck are you doing?” I asked her
while struggling to sit up
“I’m hörny, and i need you right now” she said
stroking my d--k to life and pushing me back
into bed. She added “we wont get the chance
again till you leave tomorrow”
“Jeez, Fay everyone is at home, they are
people behind the house….” she cut me short
“shhhhhh.. Frank just drove out with Juliet in
my car, Dad went out…….” she took my d--k
in her mouth.

My d--k was already beginning to harden. But
i still pulled her head up asking “And mom?”
“She just drove to the market to pick some
items” she replied as she took my d--k back
into her mouth. I didn’t need her to tell me
none of the ladies behind the house would go
past the living room not to talk about coming
to the rooms.

Then she stood up on the bed, maintaining
eye contact with me, she pulled the straps of
her gown to the sides and immediately, the
gown fell and made a hip on her feet. My god,
Favour was as hot as hell in that sheer
panties she had on during our first time
together. Then clasped in a black sheer bra
with pink straps was her boöbs which
somehow looked bigger. “was she on her
monthly flow?” i wondered in my head. It was
only after a few seconds i realized the bra was
actually matching the panties. fury by now
was as attentive as the word.
“My goodness, Fay you are burning hot” i said
as she sat on my thigh, trapping my d--k jus
right under her p---y. Sitting up, i held her
back as we got locked in a very sensual kiss. I
kissed her chin, her lips, her neck and she
moaned out a little loudly. Her hand went
down to grab hold of my d--k as she began to
stroke it. It was at this point i unclasped her
bra revealing her boöbs which now looked like
C cups as compared to the normal B cups I
had known. Perhaps she was actually on her
period and this bra was the size of her boöbs
at such a time but i didn’t care because they
were more spectacular ATM.
Dropping the bra by the side of the bed, I
cupped the boöbs which were not as tender
like before but now firm. Föndling them and
running my fingers round her areolas, i pushed
her a little backward and started by taking the
right nipplë in my mouth. Gently as ever, i
s----d with her moaning, pressing her boöbs
into my mouth while simultaneously running
her hand through the back of my head with
one hand and stroking fury with the other.

When i had enough of the boöbs s-----g, i
lifted her up and placed her on the bed.
Kissing my way down her stomach, and when I
got to the beautiful panties, I kissed and
licked her p---y through it before pulling it off
her. She lifted her legs up to help me get rid
of it. Returning back down, i licked her juice
dry while spreading her slit. Then hold her
legs apart, i ran my d--k up and down her slit
before finally guiding it into her hot wet p---y.
I tell you what, Favour is forever tight i swear.

I began to t----t into her while she lifted her
ass up towards me and meeting me halfway.
After a few minutes, i pulled out a lay on the
bed asking her to ride me.
Holding my d--k with one hand, she s-------d
me and guided my d--k into her “forever fury-
welcoming” p---y while my hands grabbed her
boöbs as she descended while moaning.
Starting out slowly, she began to move up and
descend back down on my d--k before finally
picking up pace.

Because of the little discomfort i felt, i held
her by the waist to control her movements
while i also began to t----t back into her from
under. Her p---y felt marvellous like i hadn’t
been in it before.

After a while her breathing became heavy and
more pronounced but somehow she managed
to control her moaning. From the sitting
position she was, she then bent forward such
that her boöbs just dangled invitingly like the
forbidden fruit in front of my mouth. I couldn’t
bare the sight again as i reached up and took
one of the nipplës in my mouth and s----d
while i föndled the other brez
As we kept fvcking, her p---y became less
tight and more slippery and amazing around
the head of my d--k. Then she reduced her
pace as her p---y immediately began to
contract around me. I felt her juice flowing out
but she was still ridding me with eyes and lips
shut tight in a way that suggested she was
fighting within herself not to scream or moan
out loud.

I had wished at that moment that i could fvck
her forever but her facial expression was all it
took for my d--k to twitch as i began to erupt
inside her.

Just then the door opened and Frank walked

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