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Me: waste me!

Chilota: yes naw,he instructed us to shot you at the forehead. It is only God that saved you that day.

Me: * i breadth down* why did he want to waste a precious blood that God created? The heart of men are evil.

Chilota: my guy please forgive me for that attempt. I was pressured by company and co to do that but our mission failed.

Me: you don’t have to ask me for forgiveness,who am i? You should ask God for forgiveness. So when did you enter this onitsha?

Chilota: last month.

Me: so where do you live now?

Chilota: my guy make i tell you the truth,

as a street boy wey i be,
anywhere that i found myself,i will sleep there.

Me: hmmm….. Na waoh. Ok no problem,we will see again next time.

Chilota: ok but where do you live?

Me: i live in Awada.

Chilota: which street in Awada?

Me: oraifite street.

Chilota: what do you do?

Me: am into plumbing business in head bridge.

Chilota: ok,thanks for the food and everything.

Me: you are welcome.

*** I left the place and entered bus back to the shop.
When i got to the shop,ijeoma and Amanda was busy attending to our customers and i sat down and was counting money with our counting machine, as i was counting and am equally entering the sales in our sales book.

After for some minutes,we were freed ***

Amanda: what have been keeping you there * i looked at her with an angry face *

Me: is that suppose to be a question or what?

Amanda: manager am sorry ooo.

Ijeoma: none of you havent tell me what is really going.

Amanda: ijeoma why did you keep on asking the same question?

Ijeoma: bcos none of you answer it naw.

*** i was just looking at both of them.

In the evening,i brought down account for the day and we went to our different houses.
When i got home,my madam have already finish preparing our dinner,
i took my bath and i entered the sitting room where
she was ***

Madam: how was today?

Me: we thank God ooo. What about brother(my boss),have he called you?

Madam: yes,we have been communicating on phone.

Me: when will he come back?

Madam: i didnt knw yet,
maybe ending of next month or so.

Me:ok,i really miss him ooo.

Madam: what about me,
i miss him too. I knw you will be hungry,lemme bring food.

*** she entered the kitchen and after some minutes,she came out with one plate of food,
and went back to the kitchen again and came out with hollandia
yogurt and two glasses.
I was just looking at her and the yogurt and one plate of food she came out with. I decided to ask her if she have eaten bcos
that plate of food can’t serve us but i ignored. ***

Madam: lets eat together and have merriment in its fullness.

Me: hmmm….. I like it.

*** we ate together and drank the yogurt together and even exchanged our glasses.
After eating,i took the plate and the glasses to the kitchen and washed it,
i came back to the parlour.

She told me that am going to sleep in her room but i refused and she asked me why?
I told her that,that is a taboo***

Madam: but you slept in my room the other day.

Me: yes i did it unknwnly and i don’t want it to repeat itself.

Madam: is that what you said?

Me: please aunty, don’t misunderstand me.

Madam: * with an angry face * ok… I have heard you,
go back to your room.

*** i went back to my room that nite,i couldnt sleep.
What am i going to do? Why did i even involve myself in this act for the first place?
If i sleep in her room,she must surely lure me into having s-x with her.

Gush!! Am just tired of all this things.
God please help me to conquer this temptation. So many things were running through my mind that nite before my phone rang, i checked and it was my junior brother Emmanuel and i picked up ***

Me: hello..

Emmanuel: hello brother,good evening .

Me: good evening…. How did it go?

Emmanuel: it was successful,she said,she will call you soon.

*** we discussed briefly before i hanged up.
After the call, i slept off and woke up early in the morning and swept our house before i left to the market.

Since that day,my madam keep dumb ears to my greetings,malice between Amanda and i were still going on.

On Saturday evening when we closed shop and Ijeoma left in a hurry and then
i moved to where i will see bus and Amanda followed me.
I stood at the junction and Amanda stood beside me, i was amazed,how come she is here? Here isnt her bustop and i ignored inorder to knw what was in her mind.

She broughtout folded paper from the purse she held and gave it to me and left immediately.

I unfolded the paper to knw what was written on it..

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